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Candid Comment: Monetary authorities living in a fool's paradise

The people at this fast growing centre wouldn’t touch a bond note with a long stick; all commerce is done in the greenback
By Nevanji Madanhire Sep. 2, 2022

Candid Comment: Human trafficking of 'caregivers' must stop

The UK government must play its part to stop this disgrace.
By Nevanji Madanhire Sep. 9, 2022

The Empire continues to strike back

For most Zimbabweans, the death of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom was a non-event
By Nevanji Madanhire Sep. 16, 2022

Candid Comment: CCC should take principled stance on sanctions

CONSENSUS is solidifying on the call for the removal of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by Western powers, and political players across the divide better take heed.
By Nevanji Madanhire Sep. 23, 2022

Candid Comment: Don’t be fooled, Batoka won’t happen

It was also reported this week that work on the Batoka Gorge hydroelectric power station is gathering momentum.
By Nevanji Madanhire Sep. 30, 2022

Candid Comment: Chopper escot needed for valuables in transit

What has always been clear about these heists is that they seem to be meticulously planned.
By Nevanji Madanhire Oct. 7, 2022

Another Zim is possible, quickly too!

This concern apparently was common among both opposition political parties in attendance.
By Nevanji Madanhire Oct. 14, 2022

Candid Comment: Political violence sticks out like a sore thumb

In this column last week I waxed lyrical on how a new Zimbabwe was possible.
By Nevanji Madanhire Oct. 21, 2022

A giant with the feet of clay

In doing so America hopes “to impose significant costs to the target country to coerce a change in policy or attain a specific action from the target government”.
By Nevanji Madanhire Oct. 28, 2022

Editor’s Memo: World is on the razor’s edge

A few days ago Saudi Arabia shared intelligence with the United States that it had credible information that Iran was about to attack it.
By Nevanji Madanhire Nov. 4, 2022

Power of language in nation building

Colonialists knew the unifying power of language. When the British colonised the land between the Zambezi and the Limpopo, they found indigenous populations at war with each other.
By Trevor Ncube and Nevanji Madanhire Nov. 10, 2022

Bitcoin — a new tool for privacy and freedom of transaction

Bitcoin — a new tool for privacy and freedom of transaction
By Nevanji Madanhire and Trevor Ncube Nov. 9, 2022

Language: A glue that binds nations

Believe it or not, the coming of colonialism is what put a halt to this process.
By Trevor Ncube and Nevanji Madanhire Nov. 11, 2022

Power, poor strategic thinking

It was foolish to depend so much on Kariba South Power Station because hydropower stations are always seasonal.
By Trevor Ncube and Nevanji Madanhire Dec. 14, 2022

Editor's Memo: Education system creating classes

These aberrations range from a government promising the nation universal free education when it knows fully well that it has no capacity to do so.
By Nevanji Madanhire Jan. 13, 2023

Editor's memo: The scourge of political violence

The delimitation process has been chaotic. Rarely has this process in the past been denigrated by both the ruling party and the opposition. 
By Nevanji Madanhire Jan. 20, 2023

Editor’s Memo: Drugs: Dominican Convent shock

During Covid-19 lockdowns we learnt that parents didn’t really want to spend the days with their children. They were used to packing them into vans and leaving them in the hands of school authorities.
By Nevanji Madanhire Jan. 27, 2023

Editor's memo- Drugs: Permit corporal punishment!

She has tried faith healers in vain and is about to give up.
By Nevanji Madanhire Feb. 3, 2023

Lukashenko visit puts Zim in West’s crosshairs

Belarus manufactures state-of-the-art advanced military systems.
By Nevanji Madanhire Feb. 3, 2023

Editor’s Memo : Drugs and underage sex

Most seamlessly turn to prostitution or are trafficked into sex dens.
By Nevanji Madanhire Feb. 10, 2023

Editor’s Memo: Russia-Ukraine war must end

Africa generally remained neutral in the conflict but for the Americans,
By Nevanji Madanhire Feb. 17, 2023

Candid Comment: Zim heading for another crooked poll

One spokesman said the submitted report was not the final one while the other said the exact opposite.
By Nevanji Madanhire Feb. 24, 2023

The man who will capitalise on voter apathy

He has taken out the toxicity that has characterised our politics in the past two decades or so.
By Nevanji Madanhire Mar. 9, 2023

PVOs Bill: A different perspective

The fear of foreign influence in national polls is universal.
By Nevanji Madanhire Mar. 30, 2023

New world order beckons: Is Zim ready for it?

Zimbabwe’s atrocious human rights record particularly between 2000 and 2002 have been cited as one of the reasons for the sanctions.
By Nevanji Madanhire May. 4, 2023

Where are Zim’s leaders?

Whenever that question pops up, people look to the same political leadership that has buggered this country.
By Nevanji Madanhire Jun. 1, 2023

Pan-African rebirth needed to fight imperialist bullying

America’s global domination has hung like a dark cloud over the world and has affected African politics in a huge way.
By Nevanji Madanhire Jun. 22, 2023

Chamisa: It’s time for clarity not ambiguity

Back home many people are debating the merits and demerits of CCC’s policy which its president Nelson Chamisa has dubbed “strategic ambiguity”.
By Nevanji Madanhire Jul. 7, 2023

Bitterness of sugar will soon spoil the party

In a country where every fizzy drink, be it Cream Soda, Raspberry or Fanta, came to be known as Coca-Cola, it was always going to be difficult for any competitor to penetrate the market.
By Nevanji Madanhire Sep. 7, 2023

Pitfalls of a warped sense of nationhood

Our war of independence, which was supposed to crystallise our nationhood, has now become divisive.
By Nevanji Madanhire Oct. 12, 2023