'Legislation to propel SMEs funding plan'

Venturing into the factoring business requires confidence, according to Isaak Manikai, an associate at Dube, Manikai & Hwacha Legal Practioners.
By Business Reporter 2h ago

Is Mnangagwa putting lipstick on a pig?

Political independence, since 1980, has come with a litany of unintended consequences, a case of each successive government papering over the cracks.
By Simbarashe Jingo 4h ago

2030 upper-middle income vision under threat: Veritas

Over the past few years, due to an increase of geopolitical tensions and worsening climatic conditions, Zimbabwe’s mining and agriculture sectors have, respectively been hit hard.
By Tatira Zwinoira 11h ago

Digital divide suppressing e-learning: Potraz

Digital divide refers to the economic, educational and social inequalities between those who have computers and online access and those who do not have.
By Brent Shamu 11h ago

27 countries ‘invade’ ZITF

About 70 exhibitors from outside Zimbabwe participated at the fair last year.
By Nizbert Moyo 11h ago

RBZ promises SMEs financial injection

According to the RBZ, SMEs account for only 4% of the total loans, despite them making up an estimated 70% of the economy.

Zim U20 aim to defuse Namibia bomb squad

The Junior Sables compounded Tunisia's misery after the North African side endured travel delays that even resulted in them losing their kit in transit before arriving in Harare.
By Austin Karonga 11h ago

Mnangagwa’s vision can’t be Zim’s vision

How many times have we heard this statement: “We are implementing this programme/policy in line with President Mnangagwa’s Vision 2030?”

‘State should take lead in using ZiG’

Mutashu also called for the repeal of Statutory Instrument 118A of 2022, saying the legal instrument was causing needless market distortions.
By Harriet Chikandiwa 11h ago