Israel-Gaza war: UK musicians boycott events

In the United Kingdom, many artistes unite for a worthy cause such as anti-war campaigns.
By Fred Zindi Jun. 16, 2024

Rodney Munemo reviews Looking for Mother by Nkosiyazi Kan Kanjiri

There are people who stand out and have some finesse in whatever they do.
By Rodney Munemo May. 5, 2024

What artists say about Uhuru

All roads led to Buhera, Murambinda for an all-night Uhuru gala scheduled to be held yesterday where popular artists like Agatha Murudzwa were expected to perform.
By Tendai Sauta Apr. 18, 2024

Was Peter Tosh’s radicalism a blessing or a curse?

On the 11th May, 2024, it will be Bob Marley’s 80th anniversary. Peter Tosh, who died on the 11th September in 1987, would have been 80 years old.
By Fred Zindi Apr. 7, 2024

In the Groove: The trials and tribulations of Bob Marley's mother

Not many people know that Cedella Booker, Bob Marley’s mother, was a musician in her own right and she was a great inspiration to her son, Bob Marley.
By Fred Zindi Jul. 16, 2023

Outcry over state media’s Winky D blackout

However, after EEG's calls to ban Winky D, ZBC denied banning the artiste.
By Style Reporter Jul. 9, 2023

Editor’s Memo: We need to foster unity, peace

The post-election period is also critical.  I want to conclude by quoting Mugabe’s acceptance speech on April 18 1980; never mind he did not stand by it.
By Faith Zaba Apr. 21, 2023

In the groove: What happened to the government’s P.A. system?

To one side of the stadium a construction crew completed work on a massive stage. This was for Bob Marley and the Wailers. Now, ‘massive’, of course, is a relative word.
By Fred Zindi Mar. 26, 2023

Village Rhapsody: Winky D’s Eureka mirrors the state of Zimbabwe

Winky D is one of the few, if not the only Zimbabwean musician, to attract nationwide attention which is both positive and negative every time he releases new music.
By Evans Mathanda Jan. 8, 2023