Letter to my people: Burying their heads in the sands as usual

The appointment of Michael Reza as ZACC chairperson has, as usual in the  Scarfmore-led regime, created even more problems than solutions,

My Dear People

The delusion within the dispensation of poverty, darkness and confusion once again came to the fore this past week signalling the mire the country’s citizenry finds itself in with such delinquent leaders.

Speaking in parly, Zanu PF leader of the house and Justice minister flatly denied that the Zimbabwe dollar has lost value despite abundant evidence to the contrary.

With head stuck firmly in the sand, Ziyambi claimed that the local unit was still valuable at a time when it has lost nearly 100% of its value since January this year.


Such ineptitude would be comical if it was not so tragic. 

For a cabinet minister to deny the stark reality of the massive decline of the Zimbabwe dollar reflects both the moral and leadership bankruptcy that the country’s citizens have been afflicted with since that dark period in 2017 when the probity deficient Scarfmore was propelled into power on the back of guns and tanks after illegally forcing Gushungo, the country’s pearl of wisdom, out of power.

Labour minister July Moyo also advertised the paranoia and delusion that characterises the Scarfmore regime with his claims that non-governmental organisations were looking to effect regime change. 

That these organisations have helped vulnerable communities, which the Lacoste regime has dismally failed to look after due to atrocious governance and outright incompetence, eludes him.

Given such abysmal leadership failure, it boggles the mind that there is actually a campaign for Ngwena to change the constitution to enable his impoverished leadership a third term.

It is not, therefore, surprising given the stench of failure that permeates Munhumutapa Building that the World Happiness Report established that Zimbabwe ranks a dismal 138th out of 143 countries.

How can the country’s citizens be happy when living in a country in which the nation’s currency loses value on a daily basis and where prices are skyrocketing way above the incomes of most of them?

Indeed, how can citizens exude happiness in a country in which any money that goes through the banking system is deducted unlike most normal countries where savings actually increase in value as a result of keeping it in banks?

It would be rank madness to expect happiness in a country that has a public health sector, which is in the doldrums with the lack of even the most basic of resources such as bandages and painkillers in most public hospitals.

Indeed, it would be something bordering on a miracle for happiness in a country in which even the people one votes for in an election can immediately be recalled and replaced by buffoons and clowns who are both unelected and unelectable.

Happiness can only be a stranger to the country’s citizens ravaged by a cholera outbreak and power outages.

The only surprise from this report is that this Ngwena-led country is not bottom of the pile.

If there are countries with citizens who are even more unhappy than in this country, God Forbid.!!!

Convicted gold smuggler Henrietta Rushwaya is in the spotlight again for all the wrong reasons.

Rushwaya, who is Ngwena’s niece, was in court last week over defrauding investors.  

This is over and above her well documented corruption allegations when she led the Zimbabwe Football Association.

It is only in a banana republic that an individual such as Rushwaya, who is enmeshed in so many scandals continues to be the president of the Zimbabwe Miners Federation most likely because of their proximity to power.

It reflects poorly on the country’s judiciary, that Rushwaya, convicted of gold smuggling gets away with only a fine, but opposition leader Job Sikhala who was yet to be tried and convicted  was locked up in Chikurubi Maximum Prison for nearly two years.

Never during Gushungo’s period of wise and telescopic leadership did we witness  such brazen impunity .

So much for the so-called second repubric!

The appointment of Michael Reza as the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission chairperson has, as usual in the  Scarfmore-led regime, created even more problems than solutions,

Reza’s appointment violates the constitution as he does not have the required experience to be a commissioner, never mind the commission’s chairperson.

A senior legal officer, who wanted to warn Scarfmore against the appointment was blocked, we are told.

 Ngwena has become well known for violating the constitution be it appointing ministers who are non-legislators or smuggling in the Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander into the Zanu PF politburo, decisions he has been forced to reverse with egg on his face.

 It beggars belief that Ngwena is a qualified lawyer given his aversion to constitutionalism.

In any case it is my fervent hope that  during his tenure, Reza nets big fish responsible for vice rather than chase after school teachers for conducting extra lessons as was the norm under the previous chair Loice Matanda Moyo.


Stop It!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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