Chirenje remembers she fell in love with the traditional sound after she was expelled from the school choir.
LOCAL movie producer and director Anesu Maibeki is working on an online series titled Deaf Prince
The Belvedere-based poet is an epitome of women who had their dreams delayed by the roles of motherhood, single parenting, while working to fend for the family.
Her resilience in the competitive showbiz industry will next year take her to the prestigious Sauti za Busara 2023 Music Festival stage in Zanzibar, Tanzania.
Recently he designed packaging material for snacks emblazoned with names of some popular musicians in the country such as dancehall singers Winky D and Nutty O and others.
“Art has the power to change society and the message can be easily understood through artistic expression.
The Harare-based model said she would, however, continue preparing for the pageant, adding that she was confident of winning the crown with the support of Zimbabweans.
The genre’s presence is being felt on the local showbiz if the current developments are anything to go by.
Chigodo said his mission in film production was also to create employment, fight mental illness and suicides among the youths.
Passion Java — real name Panganai Java — kicked up the dust first by mocking Baba Harare, describing him as a spent force.
The 22-year-old singer said she picked the traditional instrument (mbira) ahead of other instruments as she wanted to be different among her colleagues.
Masikati said the awards were inspired by the Norton Town Magazine which was launched last year.
DETERMINATION, passion and hunger for success are the ingredients that made it possible for male model Ishmael Murangandi.