I cannot say I was inspired by something. It was an inborn thing.
His sons, Esau and Tinotenda, will be part of the musical cast, as they launch their debut album called Pahukama Hwedu.
All that is yesterday’s news now with the growing use of YouTube.
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By Mpumelelo Moyo Jun. 9, 2023
Many of the canceled events were supposed to feature foreign performers or speakers.
Liz Dziva, MultiChoice Zimbabwe spokesperson, said the series called Yes I Have HIV Zimbabwe  launched on June 4 on DStv’s Honey Africa channel.
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By DStv Jun. 8, 2023
“Legendary filmmaker Irwin Winkler (Winkler Films) not only produced the film but mentored our team through pre-production and on set,” Kouds said.
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By Staff Reporter Jun. 7, 2023
Zimbabweans featuring in international film and television industry include Danai Gurira, Tongai Chirisa, Tendaiishe Chitima and Chiedza Mhende, among others.
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By Staff Reporter Jun. 7, 2023
The performance at Heroes Stadium could have been a litmus test for the singer to assess the popularity of his brand on a non-Zimbabwean crowd.
They then received the most public votes, giving them a place at the final alongside nine other contestants.
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By BBC News Jun. 5, 2023
Having made a name for himself as an anointed worshipper, the renowned Zimbabwean gospel musician has shown himself capable of successfully fusing different unique-to-Africa sounds in his music.
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By Sunday World Jun. 4, 2023
He, however, dismissed reports that the awards were created to promote his favourites, who include former Mr Zim School of Mines and Face of Truth Model, Darlington Tshuma.
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By Mpumelelo Moyo Jun. 3, 2023
In other countries, public entities are preferred over private ones because they have a clear vision, service and known key performance indicators.
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By Jonah Nyoni Jun. 3, 2023
Last year, the festival honoured yesteryear music legend Zexie Manatsa.
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By Tendai Sauta Jun. 2, 2023
They were officially granted a licence on April 4, 2023.
She was widely criticised for casting the neuro-typical actress Maddie Ziegler - who had appeared in several of her music videos - in the main role.
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By BBC News May. 31, 2023
Details around his death have not been confirmed at this stage. Any updated will be included once received
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By TimesLIVE May. 31, 2023
The show aims to attract over 100 contestants from across Zimbabwe who believe they have lyrical skills to win the battle.
Artists can apply for grants ranging from €1 000 to €10 000.
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By Tendai Sauta May. 30, 2023
“We are inviting exhibitors like weavers, carvers, crafts work persons, traditional food cooks and local indigenous language authors,” said Ncube.
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By Silas Nkala May. 30, 2023
Some of the tracks on Nduru’s latest offering are Jesus My Saviour, I Break the Chains, Learn to Trust, Thokoza and Uyangihola.
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By Nizbert Moyo May. 30, 2023
Mbabvu told NewsDay Life & Style that he was moved to write the book whose title is Science Kuvana after noticing that most learners were struggling to master science in English.
Following his discovery by Holy Ten last year, Magz was signed at Samanyanga Sounds together with Mr Candy.
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By Donald Nyandoro May. 29, 2023
He revealed this on Friday at an Africa Day commemorative event at Methodist High school in Bulawayo.
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By ZANELE NDLOVU May. 29, 2023
In his address, Moyo said it was critical that young generations were taught and adopt their African culture.
Coventry said the approval by Cabinet to launch the cultural month represents government's full commitment to the cultural and creative economy of Zimbabwe.
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By Sharon Sibindi May. 29, 2023
The Birmingham-born singer, who was a founding member of UB40, songwriter and lead vocalist, quit the band in 2008.
Original AfriCANs is a pan-African, intergenerational band, led by singer, songwriter and guitarist Nyevero Muza and Nigel Tapiwanashe.
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By Sindiso Dube May. 26, 2023
In Plato’s Cave, the people are constrained from discovering how the shadows were being cast by real objects passing in front of a fire that was behind them.
Some members of the group said they were coming to Zimbabwe for the first time, but promised a good show.
She died peacefully after a long illness in her home in Küsnacht near Zurich, Switzerland, her representative said.
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By Reuters May. 24, 2023
The show, set for tomorrow at Old Hararians Sports Club, kick-started the group’s tour of southern Africa.
Mutigwa’s much-loved sculptures are abstract families which are presented as Courtship, Dancing Lovers, and Families of Three or More and Protected Families.
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By Tendai Sauta May. 24, 2023
Last week, he launched his much-anticipated 10-track album titled iKiND, an abbreviation of “i Kwaito is Not Dead”.
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By Mpumelelo Moyo May. 23, 2023
For achieving such a feat at the Miss World, she became the second person to raise the country’s flag high at such a prestigious pageant.
Makombe said maybe the low turnout could have been because artistes were not sure if the event was mainly organised for them.
It is celebrated in various countries on the African continent, as well as around the world.
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By Silas Nkala May. 22, 2023
The concert was strictly by invitation as it also served as a pre-birthday celebration for Mlalazi, who turns a year older today.
Kelly played the funkiest and most memorable killer bass riffs Zimbabwe has ever seen.
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By Fred Zindi May. 20, 2023
Council spokesperson Nesisa Mpofu said the celebrations kick off with the Bulawayo Day commemorations on June 1 at the Stanley Hall.
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By Sharon Sibindi May. 20, 2023
The tournament wouldn’t have come at a more apt time that this as companies
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By Newsday May. 19, 2023
Condolence messages were pouring in yesterday, with fellow jazz musician Filbert Marova describing the late award-winning bassist as an irreplaceable and “complete musician”.
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By Kennedy Nyavaya May. 19, 2023
Sibanda told NewsDay Life & Style that the move dovetails with government’s clean-up exercises as well as complementing already existing efforts by local authorities
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By Tendai Sauta May. 19, 2023
Culture Month commemorations spearheaded by NACZ will run until May 31 as an extension of World Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, which is celebrated on May 21.
Ncube told NewsDay Life & Style that his trip is being made possible by a few Zimbabwean businessmen and women.
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By ZANELE NDLOVU May. 18, 2023
Masendeke said the well-digging story had many valuable lessons which artists could tap into.
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By Tendai Sauta May. 17, 2023
Mandizira told Newsday Life & Style that the single is dedicated to people who work very hard, without achieving much and they end up turning to God for answers.
NSQC founder and chief executive producer Ian Venganai told NewsDay Life & Style that they aim to be global and partnering EDOOFA was a big step towards achieving that goal.
NewsDay Life & Style caught up with Fombe at the Chitungwiza Arts Centre where he said mbira music is now universally popular and is traced to its Zimbabwean origins.
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By Tendai Sauta May. 16, 2023
Mawere told NewsDay Life & Style that the book is about a young girl who is blinded by love, but her life turns upside down after her chosen partner Martin, shows his dark side.
Dzimba dzamabwe features a depiction of Zimbabwe’s national emblem, the stone-carved bird figurine believed to be either the fish eagle (hungwe) or bateleur eagle (chapungu),