Chitungwiza-based dance group, Extreme Dreamers has joined the fight against drug abuse among the youth, using its craft to amplify the anti-drug abuse message.

Extreme Dreamers spokesperson Emmanuel Nyahumbi said artists played a pivotal role in both entertaining and educating the society, and as a group, they decided to take a leading role in the fight against rampant drug abuse.

“It is important for artists across genres to spearhead the campaign against drug abuse. The main objective of our initiative is to highlight the dangers of drug abuse to our fellow youths. We must use our influence as artists to condemn drug abuse,” he said.

“Art has the power to change society and the message can be easily understood through artistic expression.

“As Extreme Dreamers, we believe we have the responsibility through dance to make youths understand that they can be successful in showbiz without taking intoxicating substances.”

Nyahumbi said their dream was to spread the anti-drug abuse message at national and global levels for youths to understand that success can be achieved without using drugs.

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“As young as we are, we have a duty to show some youths that you may live a better life without indulging in drugs, or you can use your gift well without the influence of drugs,” he said.

“Our message to Zimbabwean youths is stay away from drugs if you are to succeed in your desires.”

The six-member Chitungwiza-based group is made up of Nyahumbi, Rosslyn Tembo, Arnold Makombe, Patience Nyandoro, Stewart Munyira and Proud Chakuya.

It was formed in 2019 and its progress is shown by its dominance at a number of dance competitions in the country recently.

In 2020, it won the Mash Dance competition and the Dream Star competition later that same year.

Last year, it was the winner of the Umdanso dance competition and was also the country’s representative at the Dance Africa Dance competition held in South Africa which was featured on Zee One TV channel.

This year, it has been crowned champions at K-Pop World Festival 2022 Zimbabwe Preliminaries.

The competition was organised by the South Korean embassy in Zimbabwe.

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