DRIVEN by a passion to give love and help the youths, photographer and film director Lance Chigodo has come up with Lenses And Roses, an online dating reality show.

Interested individuals who want to participate in the reality show, can apply for admission and the successful ones will go on a blind photoshoot.

Their images will be shared online where people will vote for the couple to go on a date.

Chigodo said the show’s priority was to charm the youths, while empowering them through different initiatives.

“I realised that a fusion of photography and dating, mjolo theme in my content is a good way to attract the young viewers. Photography and filming are represented by lenses, while the love and dating theme is symbolised by roses, hence the title of the reality show Lenses And Roses,” Chigodo explained.

“Our participants are not only there to partake or date, but we are aiming at empowering them career and education-wise through profession guidance and exposing them to some individuals who can mentor them in their areas of interest.”

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Chigodo said his mission in film production was also to create employment, fight mental illness and suicides among the youths.

“I am hoping to be a producer or run an innovative film production company that is self-sustainable with the aim of conveying important messages to my fellow young people. It’s sad to have such a huge number of suicides and drug abuse coming from young people under our nose,” he said.

“I hope to be a message and information powerhouse to our youths and also create employment within my organisation and empower those around me for a start. My dream is for the show to go nationwide.”

Chigodo revealed that his desire to capture the attention of the youths made him dump humanitarian-based documentaries and short films for the dating series.

“As a filmmaker I am trying to use light content to attract the youths and the middle-aged, they can now knock off from a depressing day at work and loosen up through watching something interesting,” he added.

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