Gumbo accepts CC Banks’ challenge

Gumbo revealed that the two will face off in a potential fiery battle at the Zimbabwe Nationals scheduled for 7 Arts Auditorium in Avondale, Harare, on November 25.

MEN’S physique bodybuilding seasoned campaigner, Tinotenda Ryan Gumbo, has accepted Blessing Sithole's challenge and will compete at this year's Zimbabwe nationals.

Sithole, the reigning Manicaland and Harare Classic defending champion, recently taunted Gumbo for his decision to pursue a professional International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) career outside Zimbabwe and seemingly giving his back on domestic competitions.

Gumbo revealed that the two will face off in a potential fiery battle at the Zimbabwe Nationals scheduled for 7 Arts Auditorium in Avondale, Harare, on November 25.

Gumbo said he will put Sithole, popularly known as  CC Banks, in his rightful place.

“CC Banks is nothing but just a garrulous kid who needs to be taught what maturity means. Going international is a decision I made so that I try to push my dream of becoming the first Zimbabwean to attain an IFBB Pro Card. I have managed to place top six in all these international events, meaning the future is bright,” Gumbo told NewsDay Sport.

“Right now I have one more time to push for it in December and make our nation proud. Anyway, I believe the moment you stop accepting challenges is the moment you stop growing, challenge accepted.

“I want to finish him off once and for all at the Zim Nationals on November 25 before I travel to Cape Town for the big one, handivhunduke mutsindo webete. (I’m not moved by petty matters)”

Gumbo said he has outwitted CC Banks before and he will not stop doing so again.

“All I can say is too much talking is a leakage that will certainly sink you into the ocean of troubles. Banks did the same in 2019 and I humiliated him. I then decided to leave the local stage and give room for upcoming talent as well as to take part in the development of our sport by sponsoring the annual Trysupps Zimbabwe Novice Bodybuilding competition.

“I also have a number of youngsters whom I have been grooming and they are doing very well on the local shows,” added Gumbo.

“ I have told CC Banks over and over again that if he wants to compete with me, he should level up and join me on the international stage. Right now I'm busy. I recently got an official invitation for the NPC African Pro Qualifier to be held on December 2 in Cape Town and another show in Dubai two weeks later, that’s what I’m currently focused on.”

Earlier in the week, CC Banks challenged Gumbo for a bodybuilding Armageddon in Saturday’s Harare Classic where he is the defending champion.

“Tino is just a guy who talks, he just likes to talk bla bla bla but we don't see him compete. He says I'm going to go to South Africa to compete, he goes to South he gets walloped,” charged Sithole.

“He says he no longer does local shows. He only does South Africa but when he gets there he gets walloped. He was saying that he's going to do Zim Nationals so we are hoping to see him at Zim but it will be very nice if he makes an entry at Harare Classic just even to surprise the masses; I won't be surprised because he's going down no matter what he does. Whether we compete here in Harare, South Africa, Iceland in the desert or wherever he can't win against me.”

Before the Zimbabwe Nationals, CC Banks will compete at the Harare Classic.

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