About the father who bought a Ferrari while his children starved

Do we not see such people as former United States President Donald Trump flying in his personal Boeing 757 jet.

THIS is a story about a father who had a very good top job, which paid him quite well.

On the side, he even ran a relatively profitable business enterprise where he derived a good income.

Those around him were certain that his family would be well taken care of, while living a reasonably comfortable life and never lacking in anything.

Why would they not believe so when he himself was never short of the best that the world could provide — driving around in a flashy car, donning only designer outfits and frequenting the most exclusive dinning places where he dined and wined on the finest.

In fact, just recently, he bought a Ferrari 296 GTB for US$3 700 000, which he is now proudly showing off around town.

Yet, those who know him were shocked to learn that his children were going without sufficient food, attended poorly-equipped schools, and never had any respectable clothes to wear.

When they fell sick, they either went to the substandard local municipal clinic or public hospital, where they received appalling treatment, due to the lack of essential medication.

If the children dared complain, the father never hesitated to mete out brutal punishment on them, leaving them not only crippled by fear, but physically bruised and battered.

There was no way those who saw the children for the first time could ever link them to the opulent guy who always flaunted his wealth.

Who would have ever believed that they stayed in the same home?

However, that was the tragic reality.

What do readers think of this father?

How should such a wicked man be treated?

How, then, should the nation and world regard a president who has no qualms whatsoever purchasing at taxpayers’ expense — mind you — a swanky US$54 million Dassault Falcon 7X executive jet?

This in the midst of unimaginable poverty and suffering mercilessly ravaging millions of those he leads.

Is that not what President Emmerson Mnangagwa recently did?

What manner of a father would see nothing amiss in splashing such an enormous amount on his own personal comforts and ego in a country where half the population lives in extreme poverty?

Who does that with a clear conscience?

With our medical facilities becoming death traps — lacking the bare basics needed for any meaningful treatment of diseases — why would anyone with any sense of responsibility opt to buy a private jet instead?

Of course, we already know that these people — the ruling elite — are already swimming in opulence, mostly acquired through questionable means, so if one desperately needed to fly in lavish comfort, why not use their own money?

Do we not see such people as former United States President Donald Trump flying in his personal Boeing 757 jet.

At least, in spite of it reportedly being worth US$2,5 billion, in 2011 he opted to procure a jet that was already three decades old.

Why is the same not happening in Zimbabwe?

As a matter of fact, according to the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe, the country has over 350 registered privately-owned aircraft — as much as the vast majority may not be expensive executive jets.

So, why is it so difficult for Mnangagwa to fork out his own cash to buy one for himself?

Yet, arrogantly disregarding the immeasurable poverty surrounding him and the country he ostensibly leads, the President still found it unproblematic to use US$54 million from State coffers for his own comfort.

Besides, is Mnangagwa not reportedly earning a staggering US$8 946 per month, yet an average civil servant is only taking home a paltry US$250, which is way below the poverty datum line?

With the country burdened by incessant power cuts, averaging 20 hours a day, thereby threatening to further cripple an already limping economy, that US$54 million could have easily been used in the construction of a 24 megawatt power plant.

What does this tell us about our leaders in Zimbabwe?

It is quite simple to decipher.

They do not care about us.

The only people they care about are themselves.

Just like the father at the beginning of this article, Zimbabwe is being led by a self-centred leader, whose own interests take precedence above everyone else's.

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