Zanu PF not in power, only its leaders are

Zanu PF

IT is not unsurprising encountering the rank and file of the ruling Zanu PF party bragging over how they are in power — to the extent of threatening unbearable brutality upon all who may dare challenge the status quo.

In fact, just this week I received a message suggestive of a similar unpalatable fate being meted upon myself since, as far as the unidentified writer was concerned, I was “inviting a thorough, brutal bashing, we know that people like you, until and unless you are dealt with severely, you will always be a destabilising factor to our country”.

Of course, I was not unduly perturbed by such threats, which were clearly intended to instil fear in me — as my Jehovah God never gave me a spirit of fear. As such I am never easily moved by threats.

As a matter of fact, I felt sorry for this overzealous person — as, based on his language and manner of reasoning, he is just an ordinary card-carrying member of the ruling party.

Instead, what I found most disturbing was why such people — who are, in all likelihood, nowhere near the reins of power in the country — become so fanatical and hysterical in their defence and support of a ruling elite, who neither know or care about them, and in whose lavishness and plenty these rank and file will never partake.

Is there something not particularly wrong and twisted with this picture?

In fact, what came into my mind was an image of soccer fans — who actually become overly exhilarated over the win of their favourite team to the extent of even boldly declaring that “We have won”.

I just ask myself, who is this “we”?

Does Manchester United even know that you exist on this planet, or will you even be invited to share in their winning windfall?

Anyway, I am quite sure that is all part of the game — and, to be expected as that is what makes sport so exciting and enjoyable.

Nevertheless, when it comes to politics — should the rules not be different?

We are no longer dealing with some fun and games — but real life issues, which literally concern life and death — since how a nation is governed determines whether we will be able to afford food to eat tonight, and if we will have a roof over our heads, or should anyone of us fall sick, be able to access adequate health care.

This is no longer simply about a desire for my favourite team winning a football match, no matter how pathetic they perform — but ensuring that only leaders who are competent and reliable enough to uplift our livelihood public and lifestyles are elected into public office.

Thus, it makes absolutely no sense to me, when I witness those who become so emotional and hysterical in support of a political party - irrespective of how those in office have turned the lives of millions of ordinary citizens into a terrifying nightmare.

What makes my heart break and bleed even more is watching how those who love proclaiming that Zanu PF will rule and be in power forever are suffering just as much as everyone else is Zimbabwe, and as such, just as oppressed.

So, what manner of “ruling” is that?

Is that what any sane person would regard as ”being in power”?

As a matter of fact, when I observe most of those fanatical supporters, proudly donning their worn-out party T-shirts, embossed with their leader’s seemingly smug face — yet, they themselves clearly wallowing in abject poverty, and struggling to make ends meet — I cannot help myself wondering whether I, the one they always threaten, am actually not more powerful than they are?

So, again I ask — why would any of these impoverished party supporters even remotely see themselves as being a part and parcel of those in power — when clearly they have been cast onto the fringes of society, and are just as marginalised just like the rest of the country’ population?

No one can then claim that “tirikutonga” (we are ruling, or are in power) — when he or she cannot even afford to buy a decent meal, or send their children to school, or reside in decent housing —ironically, in the very same country he claims to be ruling and in power.

That does not make sense at all!

Let these sycophants understand one brutal truth — they are not in power in Zimbabwe!

Only their leaders — who live in obscene opulence, flying overseas for medical care, their children learning at private schools abroad, and constructing mansions of all shapes and sizes — are the ones actually in power and ruling the country and them.

The rest are just miserable tools and pawns that are simply used to get (and keep) their leaders in power.


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