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Out about: UCT Online High School's work intact

Cambridge International qualifications are accepted at over 2,000 tertiary institutions across 160 countries
By Grant Moyo Sep. 4, 2022

Out & about: Kiddo CSA outdoes his jump!

Hatched with love, trust and respect for music — prior to delivering So Far, So Great
By Grant Moyo Sep. 25, 2022

Out & about: CKay flexes his funk

Finding his feet and holding his own, besides spawning over 15 billion visual communication views on video-focused social networking service TikTok
By Grant Moyo Oct. 2, 2022

Out & about: Layzee Ella is twice as smart

No matter how much the elating rapper and singer songwriter’s pulsating flurry has been put under the pump
By Grant Moyo Oct. 16, 2022

Out & about: Laser sharp times for The PiChani!

Travelling between space and time by taking the past experiences to the present day.
By Grant Moyo Oct. 30, 2022

Sizwe Alakine licenced to thrill

Once a hip-hop artist known publicly as Reason, it is still mind blowing how the auspicious swing of sound by this musical artist and composer
By Grant Moyo Nov. 13, 2022

Nigeria’s CKay shoots from the hip

Bossing, as one of Nigeria’s most perceptible musicians with tunes emerging from the pedal extremity of Lagos startlingly opening the window to global applause
By Grant Moyo Nov. 27, 2022

Layzee Ella on the roll

Honestly, when I am not speaking, I am thinking — like always. And when I was younger, I was mostly in my head too.
By Grant Moyo Dec. 4, 2022

Out & about: Masandi goes up a notch!

The aim is to convey a message that moves the listener both emotionally and spiritually, says Sandile Mfusi
By Grant Moyo Dec. 11, 2022

DJ KMAT serves up saucy tunes

The venom behind Koketso Reabetswe Mathabathe’s music is peeling off halted silent enamor.
By Grant Moyo Dec. 18, 2022

Spunky, rich fate for humanoids!

And it is fair to mention that the extent of the emergency called the robotic technology
By Grant Moyo Dec. 25, 2022

Out & about: Knives out for polycystic ovary syndrome

Squarely, to the highest degree epidemiological scrutiny on PCOS has been conducted in developed countries.
By Grant Moyo Jan. 8, 2023

Out & about: Fastjet fastens Gilmore Tee’s seat belt!

His serious anticipation is far ahead of potential sluggish moments of washouts.
By Grant Moyo Jan. 29, 2023

Winning ever so great for Kiddo CSA

FAR off experiencing creative constipation, Kiddo CSA is having an absolute ball in every scrap of his sound.
By Grant Moyo Feb. 19, 2023

Out & about: Scores of brawny harness for DJ KMAT!

Musicianship and range are so lovely and heartfelt — paying homage to the DJ Mujava epoch, the number Bhebha is rather nostalgic to the ordinary “012 Civilian”.
By Grant Moyo Mar. 19, 2023

Out & about: CKay’s juggernaut to ignite Vic Falls Carnival

Africa’s most invigorating music and adventure fete returns for its 11th edition at Elephant Hills Resort
By Grant Moyo Apr. 23, 2023

A lot riding on Sjava, Big Zulu’s bromance

He walked away with trophies for ‘Song of the Year’ (‘Mali Eningi’) and ‘Album of the Year’ at the 2021 edition of the South African Hip Hop Awards.
By Grant Moyo Apr. 30, 2023

Full range of Kiddo CSA’s ‘Worldwide Eye’

Bolstering his arsenal, for a fortnight he experienced just what it is like to tap into an antonymous frequency and have no inhibitions.
By Grant Moyo May. 7, 2023

Out & about: Stiff calculations on Ed Sheeran’s Subtract

Major playing in the cutthroat world of music, this soul-baring rock-solid 14-track melodious offering was whelped through Asylum/Atlantic Records.
By Grant Moyo May. 21, 2023

Out & about: Inkabi Zezwe’s ‘Ukhamba’ on cloud nine!

Recorded in Bergville, KwaZulu-Natal, in a fortnight, Inkabi Zezwe’s body of work is bringing listeners much deeper into the musicians’ universe.
By Grant Moyo May. 28, 2023

Out & about: Majestic CKay goes for the jugular!

Accomplishing some personal milestones, the musician’s anthem called ‘Emiliana’ has spawned over 70 million views on visual communication sharing platform YouTube
By Grant Moyo Jun. 11, 2023

Out and About: A ‘in your face’ album by Janelle Monáe!

Janelle Monáe’s enthusiasm of showmanship sparkles in The Age of Pleasure, her spanking fresh-cut 14-track comestible record album.
By Grant Moyo Jun. 18, 2023

Out & about: Cozy loops on CKay’s ‘Sad Romance Deluxe’

Amply maximizing the potential of finding his mountain and climbing it, CKay has grown in so many different ways with his super duper commercial voice.
By Grant Moyo Jun. 25, 2023

Suicide a pain in the neck of Nurse Bongani!

Ndlovu noted that there is a large chunk of a growing population of youths from the African celibate that are struggling with anxiety, stress, and depression
By Grant Moyo Jul. 2, 2023

Out & about: Feel the pulse of Inkabi Zezwe’s mastery!

Adding some flames into their sound, things are just getting lit as Sjava and Big Zulu (Inkabi Zezwe) started out their long-awaited live tour
By Grant Moyo Jul. 15, 2023

Out & about: Snowball vibes snap Shaun Stylist’s new jam!

Standing tall in their differences, the opus gems were up ten notches with a rather colorful display to sculpt a best possible ditty chef-d’oeuvre.
By Grant Moyo Jul. 23, 2023

Out & about: Cameras zoom in on Warner Music Africa’s odds

Temi Adeniji — who is doing whatever it takes to expand into the visual long content format.
By Grant Moyo Jul. 30, 2023

OUT AND ABOUT: A bubbly ‘Barbie’ flick, album chef-d'oeuvre!

Barbie’ (film) is an overall ultimate essence of imagining a great world of entertainment in a typical clean, cozy and comfortable atmosphere
By Grant Moyo Aug. 13, 2023

DJ SUPTA’s decks eventuated

Keeping it new and fresh, last month the not inexcusable all-or-nothing broadcaster hatched his archetypal canon in the 2023 period of time — in a heartfelt way named ‘Emathandweni’.
By Grant Moyo Aug. 20, 2023

Out & about: Zahara on a happier note!

Colourful and tasteful — ‘Mgodi’ — whelped in 2017, was certified gold within six hours of its release in South Africa.
By Grant Moyo Aug. 27, 2023