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Charles Dhewa

Charles Dhewa

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Where does agriculture begin and end?

If the world continues to value farmers rights and human rights at the expense of natural or ecosystems rights, we will not be able to combat climate change.
By Charles Dhewa Aug. 31, 2022

Mechanising value chain nodes could make a difference in African food systems

Mechanizing the preservation of tubers and small grains can also go a long way in averting food losses and ensuring nutrition security in most African countries.
By Charles Dhewa Sep. 6, 2022

African mass food markets as bases for business identities

Most of the business models begin as soon as food commodities get into the market.
By Charles Dhewa Sep. 16, 2022

Pathways for repurposing resources are long overdue in developing countries

As long as private property laws are not revamped, it will remain difficult for African countries to create growth avenues for the young generations.
By Charles Dhewa Sep. 28, 2022

Poor co-ordination makes it difficult to see where African food systems are going

EVEN when sufficient funding is made available, African countries may fail to feed themselves and produce excess food for export in a consistent manner.
By Charles Dhewa Oct. 4, 2022

Whose role is it to convert natural resources into decent employment?

While short-term strategies are ideal for firefighting and dealing with emergencies, real impact can come from long-term planning at national level.
By Charles Dhewa Oct. 11, 2022

Unknown side of food processing, value addition in African countries

The assumption is that investing in food processing and value addition will lift people out of poverty and create local employment.
By Charles Dhewa Nov. 4, 2022

Long-term planning can get rid of land barons

Traditional leaders have become another version of land barons. Abusing their roles as custodians of traditional land.
By Charles Dhewa Nov. 16, 2022

Impact of commodity shrinkage on African farmers

SHRINKAGE in business lingo refers to cases whereby commodities become dry, thin and weak
By Charles Dhewa Nov. 25, 2022