MP to bless 20 schools with boreholes

“I was approached by school authorities who told me that they owe millions of dollars to the city council in water consumption charges.
By Nizbert Moyo Jan. 16, 2023

BCC says it has no capacity to treat borehole water

Residents have resorted to borehole water due to failure by council to provide tap water.
By Silas Nkala Oct. 11, 2022

Umzingwane Dam decommissioned

Residents are already going for days without water after the local authority reintroduced a 72-hour water-shedding regime.
By Silas Nkala Sep. 12, 2022

City water supplies under serious threat

A latest council report laments the presence of illegal gold panners at catchment areas for the city’s supply dams.
By Silas Nkala Sep. 11, 2022