Digitise council operations now, says Gweru mayor

Kombayi said the local authority had since appointed an information and communications manager to implement the computerisation programme.
By Stephen Chadenga Jun. 16, 2023

Gweru readies for ED visit

In a notice, acting town clerk Livingston Churu said: “The City of Gweru is renovating the city to ensure that the city becomes a sustainable and prosperous city of choice by 2030.
By Stephen Chadenga Mar. 30, 2023

US$80k Gweru transformer condemned before installation

“The other challenge is that the water infrastructure was designed to serve the city, but due to urban expansion we are supplying water to an increased number of people.”
By Stephen Chadenga Nov. 22, 2022

Gweru in 20-hour water shutdown

MAINTENANCE work at the Gwenoro Dam pump station has dried up City of Gweru water taps, Southern Eye has learnt.
By Stephen Chadenga Sep. 30, 2022