US$80k Gweru transformer condemned before installation


A US$80 000 transformer for Gwenoro waterworks purchased by the City of Gweru has been condemned after it developed faults during transportation, a council official has said.

Town planner Peter Mamhute told Gweru residents that the transformer was meant to enhance pumping at Gwenero Dam which is the Midlands capital's major water supplier.

“The transformer was condemned after it developed some faults during transportation,"Mamhute told residents at a recent ward 11 budget consultation meeting.

He said the city's water woes were also exacerbated by shortages of spare parts and occasional breakdown of pumps at Gwenoro Waterworks.

“We have three functional pumps instead of six and the pumps occasionally breakdown,” Mamhute said.

“The other challenge is that the water infrastructure was designed to serve the city, but due to urban expansion we are supplying water to an increased number of people.”

Ward 11 councillor Albert Chirau expressed surprise that the recently-purchased transformer had been rejected due to faults.

“This is news to me. I thought the issue of the transformer unit for Gwenoro Waterworks was a done deal,” Chirau said, promising to follow up on the issue with council.

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