Sci-fi movie revives Zim cultural heritage

The movie seeks to captivate the younger generation with the thrilling storyline, but reconnecting it with cultural roots.

A LOCAL film production house, Video Flight Films Team, is working on the final stages of the production of one of the country’s epic Sci-Fi films titled Nehoreka: Son of the Soil, which premiers in Harare on May 11.

The movie seeks to captivate the younger generation with the thrilling storyline, but reconnecting it with cultural roots.

It delves into a captivating narrative where a legendary warrior, imbued with the power of the universe, mysteriously disappears when his nation needs him most.

As years pass by, the warrior’s tale transforms into mere folktales, gradually fading from the collective memory of the people.

However, a prophecy emerges, foretelling the warrior’s triumphant return, offering a glimmer of hope to a nation teetering on the brink of extinction.

“We wanted to create a sci-fi film that not only appeals to the younger generation, but also pays homage to our rich cultural heritage,” says film director Forward Masaamha.

“Our aim was to bridge the gap between generations, allowing both the youth and the elders to find something meaningful in the film."

By infusing the story with elements of their own country’s culture, the filmmakers have successfully crafted a fictional character, Nehoreka, inspired by the renowned figure Pfumo Renyika, who played a pivotal role in their early civilisation.

The connection to their cultural roots adds depth and authenticity to the character, resonating with the audience on a deeper level.

The use of visual effects (VFX) in the film played a significant role in bringing the story to life.

The team, led by Masaamha, acknowledges that the availability of VFX technology has contributed immensely to the overall impact of the film, allowing them to create visually stunning scenes and visuals that enhance the storytelling experience.

Undoubtedly, the production of Nehoreka: Son of the Soil was a learning and experimental process for the entire team, including the producers and cast.

Despite limitations in resources and scientific accuracy, the team worked together seamlessly, harmonising their efforts to produce an extraordinary masterpiece.

“We love to challenge ourselves and strive for continuous improvement,” Masaamha said.

“The pre-production stage can be hectic, but it fuels our determination to deliver a better film with each endeavour.”

In their pursuit of excellence, the filmmakers utilised open-source software, Blender, known for its speed and accessibility.

The premier will be at the Nicoz Diamond building along Samora Machel Avenue in Harare.

Winston Juawo wrote the film and Masaamha led the production.

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