Innovation pays for construction firm

Christopher Togaraseyi and family at the recentZimbabwe CEO's Network Awards

Design and construction company Togaraseyi Projects is reaping the fruits of its consistency and professionalism in the industry with various awards honouring its innovation with top accolades.

The company, which started off as Togaraseyi Architects and Construction, has since become a powerhouse with various clientele lining up for its products and services.

Thanks to this innovation, the company recently bagged the Platinum award in the Construction Services Sector category at the Zimbabwe CEO's Network Awards.

Speaking on the sidelines of the ceremony, chief executive officer Christopher Togaraseyi said they were humbled, challenged and encouraged by the accolade.

“We feel humbled, challenged and encouraged by this honour because it's a validation of our work ethic and again a call to even better excellence as we continue serving clients from across the social and economic divide,” he said.

“We have been consistent and innovative over the years and this has made us one of the most sought after construction companies in Zimbabwe.

“Our innovation helps us provide quality and professional services to all without compromising on quality.

“We make sure that every job offer is a signature effort and this has made our clients de facto brand ambassadors of the company.

“We receive so many referrals thanks to a treasured customer experience facility.”

Zimbabwe CEO's Network chief executive officer Tafadzwa Matsika said they were happy to promote a culture of excellence and productivity in Zimbabwe through their prestigious awards.

“We believe excellence and productivity is the gateway to whatever success we may require as an industry and indeed as an economy,” Matsika said.

“The best way to foster such success is through honouring those that walk the talk and Togaraseyi Projects is one such deserving candidate.

“We have over the years honoured variors players in the econmy drawn from the public and private sector as well as the development sector.

“The hope is that we entrench a culture of hard work and celebrating those that excel.

“By doing so, we also contribute to the growth of the economy and help enhance national branding efforts that can also put the country on the right pedestal.”

Unique about Togaraseyi Projects is their capacity to design and construct quality structures to the taste and demands of the client.

“We provide a one stop shop design and construction facility where we help you with the architecture before going on to ensure that the actual construction meets the first impression that the client got with the design,” Togaraseyi said.

“We have a team of experienced and highly competent architects, engineers, artisans, designers and builders who make sure that we don’t leave anything to chance from conception to the actual construction work.”

The company offers a range of services including construction of houses, shopping malls, churches, hospitals and sporting facilities to name a few.

“Our approach is holistic so that we meet all the design and construction needs of the client,” he said.

“We want to become a legacy brand that will conquer the region and beyond.

“It, therefore, gives us great pleasure and motivation when we get recognition for our efforts.

“Our doors are open to all progressive Zimbabweans in need of market tested and tailor-made design and construction related services.

“There is no second guessing our capacity and we want to thank the market for the confidence in our brand.”

As the housing for all drive by both government and the private sector gathers momentum, Togaraseyi said they would be unveiling various facilities and promotions to ensure the client enjoys unmatched quality service.

“We are introducing more facilities and promotions to ensure the client enjoys the best service possible.

“The housing for all drive has gained momentum with various players selling land and stands but even more important is that we provide the best construction services to ease their challenges.

“We want to make sure no one is left behind in this noble drive.

“Shelter is a human right and we will do all it takes to give our clients the best service possible.

“We are in this industry to stay and we want to remain a market leader for generations," Togaraseyi said.

The businessman also spoke about the various corporate social investment ventures that they have embarked on and hinted at an even more elaborate plan to give back to the community.

“We are also part of the annual brands that care initiative coordinated by creative agency, Esteem Communications, where we donate to identified charities every end of year,” he said.

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