Winky D, Makhadzi, Jah Prayzah to settle scores in Kadoma

The three will meet at The Odyssey at the Kadoma Music Festival, which will also feature Aleck Macheso and Durban’s DJ Tira, on October 13.

ALL eyes will be on Winky D, Makhadzi and Jah Prayzah when the trio clash in Kadoma after their show in the United Kingdom ended up in verbal insults.

The three will meet at The Odyssey at the Kadoma Music Festival, which will also feature Aleck Macheso and Durban’s DJ Tira, on October 13.

It will be Makhadzi and DJ Tira’s second appearance in Kadoma. Other South African stars who have graced the mining city are Mafikizolo and Blaq Diamond.

Coincidentally DJ Tira, Jah Prayzah and Macheso have all collaborated with Makhadzi before and only Winky D has never worked with anyone from the list.

Makhadzi will take the time to perform her unreleased song on her upcoming album which features Macheso.

South African Makhadzi and Jah Prayzah complained about the performance time slotted for them as too short at the Africa Music Festival. The two were forced to share 40 minutes for their sets.

Makhadzi went on to claim that the promoter had sabotaged her and Jah Prayzah to promote Winky D who was given an 80 minute slot.

In a no gloves Facebook rant; Makhadzi claimed Winky D was a ‘smaller’ artist who was used to destroy the bigger artists, herself and Jah Prayzah.

“Winky D, I love you my brother but it’s like the whole thing was planned for your performance to destroy us,” she said.

 “So, all I can say is that whatever happened there was planned for me and Jah Prayzah to fight because Winky D ended his performance when there was just 40 minutes left for the venue to close whereas Jah Prayzah was supposed to perform more than an hour and I was supposed to perform for 45 minutes.”

She claimed; “It’s not a secret that people bought tickets because of me and Jah Prayzah; that’s not a secret.

“They phoned me to go to the BBC for an interview and I was happy with that; I had to promote the show.

“There were ten thousand people waiting for me and Jah Prayzah to perform but they had to kill time for us to perform from 2120 hours when the venue closes at 2200 hours meaning us who sold the tickets must perform 20 minutes each so that fans can go and complain about us.

“It’s like they gave us money to destroy our names.” She said,

Speaking before completing his act, Jah Prayzah bemoaned the performance time and claimed he always receives the sabotage every year in the UK.

“It pains me all the time because when we come here, we would have planned a show befitting the sacrifices you have made to come here from faraway places,” he said.

“I know you have travelled far, some of you flew in and booked accommodation in order to attend this show … and so I should not be performing just 30 minutes, and this happens year in, year out,” he said.

Explaining the incident, the promoter Y2K Entertainment said a number of incidents such as power cuts and a road traffic accident put the event on the back foot.

“This event time was affected due to a number of reasons; there was a major accident on Friday on M1 involving the lorry that was carrying our festival stage and this took hours to replace as they had to bring another stage from Leeds which led to the sound check planned for that evening being cancelled,” said Y2K Entertainment in a statement.

The production team did not have enough time to work within the 9pm curfew set in licensing conditions as part of noise pollution management. Therefore the sound check was moved to Saturday, the day of the show and we had seven live bands to accommodate and that put the whole event on the back foot.”

The promoter added that an unexpected power cut also affected the free flow of the show.

“On the day of the event we had the issue of sudden massive showers and that triggered a power cut and we just had to accept and allow nature to take its course and again we lost vital time. We also had a fan who had a drone and again this was a banned item from licensing conditions and a security breach — taking into account the venue is located next to HM Prison and again we lost vital time when set plays were stopped and at that point it became impossible to manage the last three artists who all wanted to give it their all," said the statement.

“We are looking forward to a better event next year embracing other African nations from South, East and West to give the feel for Africa Music Festival UK and once again we would like to thank all those who have supported us over the years.”

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