Aisha Dawn shakes world with new single

Aisha Dawn attributed her rise to stardom to the support from the local media.

AISHA Dawn continues with her campaign to raise Gweru’s flag high on the international music scene with her spellbinding vibes, following the release of her latest single titled Make up Tonite.

The track is about a lover pleading with her ex to make up and fix their problems. It is a fusion of pop and reggae.

The song, which has been widely distributed, reaching international radio stations in the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Kenya and Namibia among others, is opening up more space for Aisha Dawn to prove her mantel.

She said Gweru was slowly gaining ground as a hub for national and international acts with the support of local promoters and talented producers who are pushing hard.

“Our city has never been one to promote its own artistes,” Aisha Dawn said.

“As a local industry we lack unity and unfortunately there are not many female artistes that are getting promoted.”

The diva recently released another chart-topping single titled Careless which features Nutty O.

Aisha Dawn said she was excited to work with the new generation of musicians who are out to change the narrative.

“I am overwhelmed with emotions and joy since the song Make up Tonite was released,” she said.

“This track truly reflects the depths of my emotions, carrying the weight of my raw feelings and serving as a heartfelt plea to mend broken relationships.

“Writing it was an introspective journey, immersing myself in the shoes of a lovelorn woman seeking to repair her past love.

“It is electrifying to work on such an emotionally rooted piece with a crop of music lovers and creators with the urge to go into the world and share the feel and energy like never before.”

Some of the stars from Gweru include Nyasha David, Takura, Kayflows, Leona Lilie, who was also featured on Make Up Tonite, DJ Tamuka, Napster, Legion and DJ Oskid, among others.

Aisha Dawn attributed her rise to stardom to the support from the local media.

“Despite our celebrations of triumph, challenges persist, including the elusive unity among creatives and lack of opportunities for female artistes,” she said.

“As a female artiste myself, I stand resolute in my determination to break down these barriers and pave the way for other women to claim their rightful place on the grand stage of recognition.”

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