SA’s Shaun Stylist finds next level

SA’s Shaun Stylist

A lot of a little versus a little of a lot sometimes come with a great deal of pressure and anxiety.

Here to show up and show out, Shaun Andile Naki — a South African Disc Jockey, artist, businessman, fashionista, philanthropist, and rreality TV star —is smoothing out bumpy roads with his innate ability to transmuteany room that he walks in.

Bracing for more extreme success, this star — standing out there and owning it — knew that if he played his cards right his love for music would not be swept under the rug.

Affectionately known as Shaun Stylist, his up-to-the-second chapter of solidifying Shaun the musician will beyond any doubt alter the euphony game.

Double-quick becoming its own power — since releasing the ditty Oskae Beya Fatshe and the smash canon Uyabizwa last 12-month — joining forces with Warner Music Africa (WMA) a consort of Warner Music Group (WMG), will most likely than not take his auditory sensation career to spick-and-span heights.

Far-famed among his followers as an “influencer” with the to the highest degree dapper outfit combinations, Shaun’s off-the-wall garb sense chews over his personality, a trade that he exercises to leave his stamp behind inside the spaces in which he operates.

Feeling one million percent confident, he has sculptured a repute for himself in the major planet of fashion.

This vogue maestro is associated with top businesswoman and socialite MamKhize, as well as South African soccer star George Lebisi, to mention but a few of his apical clients.

Hailing from Ekurhuleni, in the East of Johannesburg, Shaun’s musical pleasure trip set out when he was just a young boy in Sunday school, singing church hymns.

Shattering barriers, the dream to be a global maven never left him, as 20 years later — now a doting dad and husband—he is reigniting the dreams of his younger self.

At present, with the backing of WMA, Shaun Stylist —who has been processing how much he needs to be a version of himself — has found his identity by becoming more of himself.

Testing pressure, he has his visual sensory activity rigid on local and abroad supremacy. In a world that he always wanted to step into and find salvation, this moment that has presented him with a sprint of success, means more than just commanding the stage. Knowing that he is supposed to be a light to everyone around him, Shaun plays up the grandness of bringing in red-hot talent along with him.

“It’s important for this collaboration to give a platform for new kids, that’s how we’re going to expand,” Shaun Stylist said.

“That’s how we’re going to grow the Amapiano (a hybrid of deep house, jazz and lounge music characterised by synths, airy pads and wide percussive basslines) genre.

“My aim is to break records and dominate the charts.

“I want this moment to be an inspiration to anyone out there to dream big.”

Liable for Shaun’s signing, Creative/A&R Consultant Sebastian Jameson — known publicly as Bash (Shishiliza) — has lit the fire inside the multi-hyphenated personality.

Quite aware that music is a secret language that talks to individuals, Bash proclaimed his inflammation — “I’m very happy to welcome Shaun Stylist to the Warner Music Africafamily and excited to help him bring his vision to life.”

Imposing a great sense of music and artistry, Creative Lead at WMA, Garth Brown— who is excited at the deal—asserted how Shaun is phenomenally talented and has rafts of sauce!

“Shaun Stylist is known by many as a pinnacle in fashion and the social media influencers space. His venture into music is exciting because it shows his versatility and creativity, and his upcoming music will be such a great moment in the Amapiano landscape not just here at home but globally as well. I’m excited for everyone to hear what Shaun has been creating,” Brown said.

Already a regular — displaying his midas touch behind the decks of some of South Africa’s topmost amusement scenes — Shaun Stylist is set to carve his space in the music cosmos.

Momentum on the back of thunder wins, evidence of this can be seen on video-focused social networking service TikTok — where a snippet of the silver-screen personality’s upcoming opus under Warner Music Africa has already garnered slightlyabove half a million views, and counting.

*Grant Moyo is a prolific writer, innovative media personality, entrepreneur and a creative artist who is passionate about using his creative mind for the betterment of society. Follow him on Twitter: @TotemGrant

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