Mazuruse publishes leadership book

Nutritop founder Confidence Mazuruse

CHARTERED accountant and food processing company Nutritop founder Confidence Mazuruse has published his first book titled Indispensable Leadership and Success Virtues.

The book was published in late May and it speaks to five key tenets of leadership namely identity, confidence, integrity, commitment and excellence.

Speaking to Standard Style, the inspirational speaker and writer said he was happy to live his dream and was hoping that many will live purpose-driven lives after going through the contents of his book.

“I was born in Zaka district, Masvingo with a strong Christian background that shaped and inspired my current religious beliefs," he said.

"I believe everyone was created for a purpose and they must live that purpose through inspired leadership in all they do.

"Once you embody the virtues of identity, confidence, integrity, commitment and excellence; you become a vessel of honour in all you do and the hope is that my generation benefits from this inspired piece of writing."

Mazuruse said it was important that today’s generation espouses selflessness at all times so that they consider the welfare and feelings of others in all they do.

“A good leader should decide in the best interests of his followers," he said.

"The world is looking for leaders who can never be bought, who are able to stand for the truth even when circumstances do not permit."

Mazuruse said his new book was a Christian-based motivational piece giving real life practical examples including some from the secular world.

“I believe that what another man has done, another man can do and in this book I describe the characteristics of a good leader," he said.

"A leader should not be driven by self-interests but by the desire to achieve.

"We have experienced the collapse of companies due to poor governance as practiced by leaders."

The book is available per order and those willing to get a copy can do so through enquiring and engagements on his social media handles. 

Mazuruse has vast experience in accounting, corporate governance, risk and compliance.

He is a registered public accountant in Zimbabwe (RPACCZ) and has worked for listed companies and parastatals.

He is married to Agatha and the two blessed with three children Ethan, Elma and Elroy.

Mazuruse is a member of the Ezekiel Guti-founded Zaoga Forward in Faith (FIF) Ministries International.

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