Goldswift Construction launches ‘Build Wise’ Promotion

From left Reverend Kariwo, Kamili Investments MD William Mandela Katsande, Budwell Nziramasanga MD Goldswift Construction and Thandiwe Nziramasanga with brand ambassadors Minister Ellard and Sharon Cherayi

Real Estate is a good investment and owning a home or property is a dream for everyone. However, it is very important that as you invest in property you do it the right way. Everything must be done right starting from the land acquisition to the actual construction and commissioning of your property.

Many have lost a fortune after buying land from barons who sell undesignated land or they engage dodgy construction players that short-change them through poor structures that cannot withstand the test of time and other harsh weather conditions.

For that reason, fledgling construction company Goldswift Construction this week launched the “Build Wise Promotion” through which they want to be the trusted partner for all  construction and real estate needs.

The company’s managing director Budwell Nziramasanga said they felt compelled to launch this promotion as they play their part in support of government’s drive for affordable housing for all.

“There has been an increased call from both government and private players towards affordable housing for all and we are happy to unveil this tailor made promotion so that we save our clientele from the imprisoning machinations of land barons and other unscrupulous construction companies,” said Nziramasanga.

“This promotion is about convenience and reliable construction services for the client. From land acquisition through to design and architecture and last but not least the actual construction, Goldwsift Construction will be giving all its clients the best service possible. “  

The company’s projects manager Thandiwe Nziramasanga said they were bringing unparalleled convenience for the client through this promotion.

“The Build Wise Promotion is about peace of mind for the client through reliable, affordable, tried and tested as well as tailor-made construction services. If you want to buy land for a construction project, Goldswift Construction will do all the checks with the relevant offices and authorities to make sure everything is above board,” she said.

If you already have land, again we will do the necessary checks before construction commences so that we don’t leave anything to chance. Our team will also assess your property to determine what type of structure best suits it and with what equipment and building materials to ensure a durable and quality project.

In terms of cost management, we will use our expertise to ensure you get the best quality material at affordable rates.”

Guest of honour at the promotion launch, Kamili Investments MD William Mandela Katsande said the promotion was a timely intervention by the tried and tested Goldswift Construction.

“The Build Wise promotion is tailor made for clients from all walks of life and whether you are local or abroad, NGO or Government parastatal, private or public institution they have you covered,” Katsande said.

I am happy that we have innovative local companies that are birthing client friendly promotions and services.  Goldswift Construction is offering free consultancy on evaluation and verification of stands and further guidance on how best you can acquire and construct a real estate investment of your choice and to your taste.  That for me is a big plus for all Zimbabweans.”

The company also unveiled their brand ambassadors and the faces of the Build Wise Promotion, gospel music power couple Minister Ellard and wife Sharon Cherayi at the same event.

“Because we are a brand built around family ideals and with clear values on how we conduct our business, we are happy to unveil our Ambassadors, the new generation power couple of gospel music Pastor Ellard  Cherayi and his wife Sharon Manyonganise  Cherayi.

“The Cherayis have a rich history of music coupled with unparalleled commitment to their calling. Even more compelling is their character which has seen them command great respect from the broader Christian community and gospel music lovers at large.

“That commitment to service, solid character, consistency and penchant for quality in all they do is synonymous with our workmanship at Goldswift Construction and for that reason we are happy to unveil them as our brand ambassadors” he said.

Accepting the honour, Minister Ellard said they were elated to be working with a construction player that values honesty and integrity in its line of work.

“We thank God that our brand has been on the rise since we started our solo careers. We have performed far and wide sharing the stage with some of the big names in local and international gospel music, but we are happy that corporates are also showing confidence in our brand,” Minister Ellard said.

“The Build Wise promotion is a good initiative which must be embraced by Zimbabweans from all walks of life. Whether you are local or in the diaspora, you must take advantage of this promotion and enjoy the benefits.”

Goldswift Construction has been operating for the past five years and they offer reliable services in building and construction services, steel fixing and fabrication, civil engineering as well as plant and truck hire.

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