Miss Environment Zimbabwe promises a world-class show

Miss Environment Zimbabwe

PREPARATIONS for the Miss Environment Zimbabwe (MEZ) are at an advanced stage with organisers promising fireworks on the night of the pageant.

The competition is slated for this month at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC).

The semi-finals were hosted at the Bulawayo Rainbow Hotel on the 22nd of December last year where 18 models from 26 booked their tickets for the finals.

Last month the finalists went through an online voting segment in swimwear, which the organisers said was meant to make them socially appealing.

Currently, the models are undergoing yet another online voting segment titled: Green Environmental Shoot, which the organizers through the National director of Miss Environment Ishmael Murangandi, say it helps them in interacting more with their publics as well as in choosing some of the winners who will be crowned on the day.

“Currently, the voting is on the environmental pictures which seek to find the most photogenic and it will help us in choosing the social round queen thus the one with most likes,” said Murangandi.

Asked if the models were ready for the final day as it is fast approaching, Murangandi said they were still pushing for more from the girls, but have been getting positive feedback from their followers who have been seeing the ladies progress through video clips.

“As the craftsman obviously, the sixth sense always is not satisfied and will be pushing for more to be put on the table, however feedback from the industry lovers and gurus is quite pleasing.

 “They are excited and keen to see the final product, through viewing a few clips we have been posting on our social media pages, they are marvelling at how graceful each queen is carrying herself on the runway and they should expect nothing less than a world-class show,” he said.

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