Human rights violations continue across Zimbabwe

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In March 2024, the Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) recorded a total of 167 violations of human rights across the country — 108 involved intimidation and harassment.

There were 36 violations of the right to equality and non-discrimination.

There were cases of assault in which 13 violations were committed against the right to personal security. A right to life was violated in a case of murder.

Manicaland Province recorded the highest number of violations with 39 violations, up from 31 last month.

There were 25 violations in Mashonaland Central, 24 in Harare, and 18 in Masvingo.

In Mashonaland West 17 violations were committed. Midlands province recorded 13 violations while Mashonaland East and Matabeleland North both recorded 11 violations.

Bulawayo and Matabeleland South provinces had the least violations recording 7 and 2 respectively.

Perpetrators affiliated to the ruling party Zanu PF committed 36,69% of the total violations in the month of March. 

At least 20,14% of the violations were committed by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) showing a continued culture of disregard for human rights in the police service. Artisanal miners contributed 15.11% of the human rights violations.

Opposition political parties, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) and the Mthwakazi Liberation Party contributed to the violations recording 14.75% and 0.36% respectively.

About 4.68% of the perpetrators were affiliated with state institutions while 3.24% were attributed to traditional leaders. At least 5.04% of the violations were committed by perpetrators not affiliated with any institution.

Despite March being the Internal Women’s month aimed at celebrating and respecting women’s rights, almost 51,08% of the violations were committed against women, of which 2,09% were women with disabilities.

Male victims constituted 48,92% of the total victims. 0,94% of the male victims were persons with disabilities.

The ZPP  continues to monitor and document human rights violations across the country.

 ZPP urges the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission, the Zimbabwe Republic Police and other state institutions responsible for promoting and upholding human rights in the country to investigate and prosecute all perpetrators despite their affiliation.

In the midst of an El Nino induced drought, partisan and unfair distribution of food aid will increase the vulnerability of the Zimbabweans who are food insecure.

In the month of March, ZPP recorded 12 cases of politicisation of food aid where citizens suspected of being opposition members were discriminated against and denied access to food aid.

Zanu PF officials have been at the centre of a continued abuse of power, violation of human rights and manipulation of food aid, a means used to compel ordinary citizens to become members of the ruling party.

Civil servants such as teachers have also been victims of the malpractice at the behest of traditional leaders.

An incident was recorded in Nyanga North where some teachers from three secondary schools approached Headman Nyamudeza to register for food aid.

The traditional leader saidthe teachers will “never get any support because they are opposition supporters.”

A high ranking Zanu PF official and Member of Parliament for Nkayi North, Sithembiso Nyoni, was on record warning citizens that in the wake of the drought, “non-Zanu PF members should join the ruling party or risk being left out in receiving food aid.”

Nyoni was distributing food rations in Ward 5 at Shu Shine under Gobhi village. Other Zanu PF activists have also been on record intimidating villagers that if they do not support Zanu PF they will suffer.

ZPP is worried that vigilant citizens who stand up for their rights will be discriminated against and suffer from hunger while those that succumb to the pressure will have their rights violated including political rights, the right to equality and non-discrimination and freedom of association and assembly among others.

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