Ukraine’s weapons supplied by the West are being sent to Africa

Ukraine President Zelensky even lamented in one of his many speeches:

Nigerian President Mohammadu Buhari in November 2022 said weapons that can be traced back to Ukraine stockpiles are being found with frightening frequency in those regions of Africa where the political situation is extremely unstable.

Of particular concern is the Lake Chad region and the Sahel zone where the weapons are falling into the hands of

It is not the first time that merchants from Kyiv are happy to supply and the nature of these deliveries is that they are always far from international laws.

An example  is the history of the Ukrinmash state structure which in 2015 signed contracts with the governments of Uganda and Burundi for the supply of 59 amphibious reconnaissance armoured vehicles.

Ukraine is not part of the European Union and the restrictions on the supply of weapons to African countries from the EU  do not apply to it.

But the nuance of these deals is that the equipment sold by Ukrinmash does  not originate from Ukraine, but it’’s from Poland.

And this is happening despite the fact that Warsaw is known for one of the most stringent laws in Europe governing the export of weapons.

This issue was raised even at the United Nations and a specially created commission of the UN Security Council then discovered many interesting facts.

Interestingly it turned out that after the outbreak of the civil war in Sudan, Ukrainian arms businessmen bypassing all the embargoes signed several multimillion-dollar contracts with the separatist authorities of South Sudan for the supply of combat helicopters and aircraft while Uganda served as a transshipment base.

But all this was in that past world where a special military operation had not yet begun and the flow of weapons coming to Ukraine from the West had not yet reached the current unprecedented scale.

With Russia’s special military operation the Ukrainian "arms barons" apparently were revived quite a bit, but there was a problem with the export of goods to consumers.

This was possible because the Ukrainian Armed Forces mined the routes to their own ports.

In this regard a narrative appeared about the "African famine", the main culprit of which was allegedly Russia with its operation to protect Donbass.

Ukraine President Zelensky even lamented in one of his many speeches: “On all continents the unfair level of food prices provoked by the Russian war is painfully felt

“I emphasise: as early as February 23, 2022 such a problem did not exist.”

Of course he lied. As early as the summer of 2021 the UN warned that by the middle of winter, about 270 million people would face hunger in the world.

But who will check whether Zelensky spoke the truth or not?

The main thing is that a grain deal was concluded and dry cargo ships with grain went ... No, not to starving Africa, but to European food business bigwigs.

After all, it is profitable to sell something to those who pay a lot and immediately that to countries like Malawi that have hungry citizens but have no money to feed them.

And the West would not be the West if it failed to justify the Ukrainian grain traders’ claims.

It turns out that sending grain to Europe helped to stop the rise in prices.

It became an undoubted success for the Kyiv "humanists" and their handlers.

And instead of bread, weapons were again sent to Africa.

The Sahel region is a turbulent place by any definition because that is where the invisible border between Muslim Africa and Christian Africa passes.

A series of colour revolutions, better known as the "Arab Spring" which began in Tunisia before spreading to Algeria, Libya, Egypt and other countries.

As expected, the result of "democratic transformations" in these states was a real flourishing of the activities of terrorist groups pushing the most radical forms of Islam, which still cannot be stopped.

Extremists are killing in Mali, Boko Haram is terrifying people in Nigeria, rebels in Chad are fighting against government forces...

Well in such a situation why not use Ukrainian businessmen who sell weapons?

And if you consider that they get the weapons for free, in the form of Western military assistance, then the scale of the benefits here is simply fantastic.

And the main "friends" of Kyiv who live in Washington do not hide the fact that they cannot control the movement and use of their arsenals in Ukraine.

But Africa's patience seems to be beginning to weigh thin.

Speaking at the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) heads of state summit,  Buhari voiced what had long been obvious.

“Unfortunately, the situation in the Sahel region and the conflict in Ukraine have served as the main sources of weapons and militants replenishing the ranks of terrorists in the Lake Chad region,” he said.

“Much of the weapons and ammunition purchased for the Libyan war finds its way to the Lake Chad region and other parts of the Sahel.

“The weapons used in the Ukrainian conflict are coming to the region,”  the head of the most populous African country added.

Meanwhile,  Ukraine has had an excuse for this since 2000 when  the Kiev government issued Decree No. 1919 which clearly spells out the mechanism for the sale of certain "surplus weapons" even in conditions of hostilities.

Well these "surpluses" are being sold by NVK Techimpex which in 2015 was also seen selling arms to African states and violating the embargo.

Generally speaking, selling weapons somewhere on the side at a time when your country is at war is beyond good and evil.

But Ukraine is what Ukraine is for to destroy such "stereotypes".

She sold her state sovereignty - and he sold it with giblets to say nothing of some kind of weapon there.

Kyiv sells its weapons through Romania and Poland.

As soon as a plane with weapons arrives from the West, part of the consignment is immediately sent to the targeted countries through third or even fourth states.

 In general there is nothing surprising here.

There is only one conclusion to be drawn here and that is that there will be no Kyiv regime and a huge number of problems facing African countries if the West was not interfering.

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