Police tighten noose around stock theft, applauds public for joining the fight

Stock theft has become a threat

POLICE say they have recorded a decrease in cases of stock theft around the country owing to increased cooperation between the law enforcement agents and communities.

In an update, police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said during the first half of this year, police had received 3 214 cases of stock theft compared to 4 053 during the same period last year.

“So far, police have recorded 1 644 cases of stock theft involving cattle only compared to 2 510 cases recorded in the year 2021. The total number of stolen cattle decreased from 5 954 in the year 2021 to 3 762 in the year 2022,”he said.


Nyathi said to date, 1 073 cattle had been recovered compared to last year’s 1 054.

Police have so far managed to arrest 336 suspects for stock theft involving cattle.

Last year, 398 had been arrested during the same period.

“Despite the decrease in stock theft cases, the current figures of livestock being stolen are still high, hence the need for continued co-operation between the police and community,” Nyathi said, adding that in some instances, criminals were preying on livestock in pens during the night.

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