Mlalazi shares story of faith in new offering

Everton Mlalazi and his Worship Therapy at the launch of his second album at City Hall in Bulawayo

WHILE it is almost every musician’s wish to be unique with their art and be different from fellow artistes, gospel singer Everton Mlalazi appears to have mastered that ability to do things differently. 

With many celebrating Easter, also called Pascha, a time for Christians to remember the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ on the cross, Mlalazi, a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, on Saturday decided to have an intimate celebration with fans.

The award-winning Mlalazi took his artistry to another level with the launch of his second album, In The Presence Vol 2 — God’s Grace at Bulawayo City Hall.

What a well organised and curated launch that had two segments and held under the theme Worship with Everton Mlalazi Concert.

There was something intimate and encouraging as Mlalazi chronicled his musical journey to guests who were being interviewed on stage by radio personality Sibukelele Maphosa in the first segment of the launch.

The session also incorporated sterling performances of his early songs such as My Father’s House, a collaboration with South Africa’s songbird and former Joyous Celebration member Xolly Mncwango, Pfugama Unamate that features Minister Michael Mahendere, Mwari Hamushanduki and Bambelela, among others.

The second segment saw Mlalazi, backed by his Worship Therapy band, perform some of the songs on the new power-packed album, that has some hits already making waves on the local gospel chats.

The hit songs that were released as teasers ahead of the launch include Ndokutewera Muponesi, Nyasha Dzashe, Nomakunje featuring Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Zita Renyu and I Surrender.

Other songs to look forward to on the album that goes live this Friday on digital platforms are He is Coming Back Again, I Need Thee, Yibo Laba, In Your Name, Rumbidzwai and Linamandla.

CaptiMlalazi shares the stage with Bulawayo-based outfit Indosakusa — The Morning Star, which stood in for Ladysmith Black Mambazo, as they performed the song Nomakunjeon

Through his latest album, the 40-year-old soft-spoken multi-lingual praise and worship singer said he aimed to share his story of faith and inspire others through music.

Responding to how different the album was from his debut In The Presence Vol 1, Mlalazi said: “The first album, In the Presence Volume 1, I believe was an introduction of Everton Mlalazi as in that album, there are a lot of collaborations, but on this particular album (In The Presence Vol 2 — God’s Grace), there is only one collaboration with Ladysmith Black Mambazo, otherwise the rest of the songs are my music.”

“It is always good to try and test whether your own people can also buy into your music, that is what we are trying to do on the marketing side, but in terms of the messaging, this is the message of hope.”

He continued: “Also, the first album was just In the Presence Volume 1 and this one has added God’s Grace to be In The Presence Vol 2 — God’s Grace because it talks about my journey as I chronicle everything that happened as I grew up. Thus, where you find songs like Ndokutewera Muponesi, Nyasha Dzashe and I Need Thee, songs that are very dear and very close to my heart, songs that I grew up singing as taught obviously by my parents.

“So, I try to chronicle the journey that I have been through since I was young, just how God has carried me through in that particular album. I hope as people listen to it, they will get a few tips that will also be good enough for their own personal journey.”

Mlalazi said all his future albums would be a series inviting people into the presence of God.

“So, every offering that you will have from me is going to be in the presence of God. We are going for In The Presence Vol 3, which we have already started working on, you know how we do our songs as musicians is that sometimes you have 15 or 20 songs, but you release 10 because you believe that some of the songs are not yet ready. So, once the songs are ready, you will see In The Presence Vol 3 coming very soon,” he explained.

On choosing the City of Queens and Kings for the first launch, Mlalazi said: “We want to solidify our position here in Bulawayo, hence we could not choose anywhere, but we chose here because it’s ekhaya (home). Also, here at the Great City Hall, there is so much history with this place, that is why we are here.”

After Bulawayo, Mlalazi said he would take the launches across the country.

“From here, I will go to Harare, Mutare, where my wife comes from. We will go to Gweru, where I grew up. A little bit of my story has Gweru in it, so it will be really home coming again for me in Gweru. I think Masvingo will also be awesome, so definitely we will be moving with the gospel. This is the message I believe that everyone and anyone must hear,” he noted.

“That is what really pushes our music as great commission Mathew 28 verse 18 to 20, ‘Go you therefore’, we want to go therefore into the whole world. So we will start here in Zimbabwe, go everywhere into every corner and then as we go, we are going out as well South Africa, Zambia, Malawi and United Kingdom very soon. We have so many plans in store because this gospel has to be preached everywhere in the world.”

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