RAPPER Bling 4, born Farai Gadzani, has potential to become a big figure in the local hip-hop scene due to his deep lyrics, modest demeanour and impactful music. His music zeroes in on the plight of Zimbabwean youths.

Mature themes are explored in the artiste's songs. Bling 4 is basking in glory with his most recent release Ama2k, which explored a number of contentious topics related to those born from 2000.

The musician has demonstrated consistency in the music industry, which has seen him performing at prestigious events alongside big names in the industry. In contrast to other artistes who pull public stunts or throw tantrums in anticipation of releasing new music, Bling 4 has not yet been caught up in social media drama or controversy to prop his music.

NewsDay Weekender Life & Style examined a few of the topics the musician has addressed in his songs over the years.

Confronting Ama2k

The artiste took his voice and lyrical prowess to confront the generation. The musician broke his silence by imploring the public to urge youths born from the year 2000 to get their lives in order, saying that he had been watching them for a while. The rapper painted the generation as hopelessly unprepared for the future, fixated on pricey brands of cars, mobile phones and clothes. He portrayed this generation as obsessed with social media, having grown up in the digital age surrounded by smartphones, social media and instant connectivity. He said the generation is only concerned about having the internet to browse what bloggers have posted on social media. The musician further depicted the generation as actively participating in hate speech and cyber bullying on social media.

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Refusing to give in to peer pressure

The artiste’s music relates to the pressure people are put under, especifically by social media. Bling 4 explored the theme of living an authentic life, showing a resolute, hardworking man who is content with his life while persistently striving for improvement, refusing to give in to peer pressure and living under the false pretense of belonging to groups he does not belong to. The song also serves as a reminder to young people that success does not come easily.

Making mistakes

Along with highlighting mental health issues as people turn to alcohol as an escape from reality, the artiste also explored emotional struggles that resonated with many listeners who have gone through similar struggles. To stay on the right path during these trying times, the artiste prays to God to lead and guide him through song.

Predicament of the country’s youths

Many young people in the nation can identify with the artiste's exploration of the predicament of a young person without support systems, who cannot afford to miss out on opportunities or make mistakes in life while their counterparts from wealthy families appear to have everything on a silver platter.