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Zim singer collaborates with Kenyan



LOCAL Afro-house musician, Darlington “Dalivaldo Starley” Moyo has roped in the services of Kenyan artiste Flossy Trukid in his forthcoming single Body Shape to be released today.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Dalivaldo Starley said the single was a love song that appreciates the beauty of a woman.

“The song complements the feminine aspects of a woman. It is a celebratory track that I hope will become a significant song to those who love to dance,” he said.

“I enjoyed working with Flossy Trukid. I hope to expand my creativity from the overflow of his art. I have also worked with a few producers such as Chil4ril and Loyal Beats.”

Famed for his Valentine’s Day song Mamiyo, Dalivaldo Starley said he sang about social issues in Ndebele, Shona and English.

“The challenges faced by people living in the ghetto change every day and, as an artiste, I try to keep up with that as my music is about the ghetto lifestyle,” he said.

“My songs do not necessarily have a theme. I love music, so whenever I write a song, I just think of any topic and come up with a song, especially on issues that happen in the ghetto.”

Off the stage, Dalivaldo Starley is into fashion designing.

“I am a versatile artist. I am more connected to music than any other art. I have used fashion designing as a business to finance my music career and to provide high-quality clothing for my videos,” he said.

“I am currently working on an extended play and this year is looking like a big year for me.”

Dalivaldo Starley said he was looking forward to more collaborations with renowned artistes.

“I would love to get promoters to recognise my music and have it reach the furthest corners of the world. I am looking forward to growing not only in music, but in character and creativity,” he said.

Dalivaldo Starley’s discography include  One Day, Tamba Uchizunza, Mama Makakosha, Jamba Ngoma, Ntwana Yami, Sakholisa, Ayibo (Masuhamba), She My Girl and My Love Never Dies.

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