There is more to music production: Chirumbwana



BULAWAYO BASED music producer Brighton Misheck Chirumbwana says music production is not as easy as people assume.

Chirumbwana told NewsDay Life &Style that it takes time to gather every required instrument for production of a song.

“Artistes often face challenges in gathering required instruments, coming up with craft of proper quality, producing suitable lyrics of the song and this all takes a lot of time and money,” he said.

“More so, inspiration of the songs comes behind the composition of the song, the writing, the historicity of the production, not the title of the song.”

Chirumbwana said after a song release, artistes have the task to market the music.

“These days the music industry is not that simple and straightforward and it is not a walk in a park where you can just jump into any platform and release your song, especially a significant platform like the poise or national broadcasters you can’t just jump in and say I have my single am releasing it,” he said.

“It is a bit complicated and it takes a lot of effort. That is why most artistes prefer to release songs on their social media platforms. The songs can then be heard on radio after we have carried out some procedures, especially the national broadcaster which is one of the significant and executive platforms for artistes to release their product, but it’s a very long process to get there.”

Chirumbwana said music production is different when it comes to publishing and marketing.

“There are producers and there are artists and others and sometimes some producers do not market their artistes. I am both an artist and a producer. I  market my own stuff as an artiste and as a producer I  do not market my clients craft, it is up to them to publish their own craft,” he said. 

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