Short-term insurers see rise in forex business

The Zimdollar was in April replaced by Zimbabwe Gold, a currency backed by gold and forex reserves.
By Melody Chikono 15h ago

Afdis abandons local currency financial reporting

In a statement attached to its financial report for the year ended March 2023, Afdis board chairperson Matlhogonolo Valela revealed the changes in functional currency.
By Blessed Ndlovu May. 15, 2024

Letter to my people: Neville Mutsvangwa’s arrest won’t save the ZiG

To those who think the arrest of Neville means that there are no more sacred cows in the crackdown on forex trading on the parallel market will be sadly mistaken.
By Doctor Stop It May. 12, 2024

New ZiG currency on a free flow: Here is what we know

The ZiG is now Zimbabwe’s legal tender for all public and private debts and is part of a multi-currency basket that includes the US dollar (USD) and South African rand, among others.
By Zvikomborero Sibanda May. 10, 2024

Food prices rise as inflation swells

He said that there would be no month-on-month and year-on-year inflation rate using the ZiG this month, as it would be computed next month.
By Tafadzwa Mhlanga Apr. 30, 2024

Govt revises tax-free income tax threshold

In the schedule of the new income tax brackets, Ncube said those earning between ZiG12 204,01 to ZiG36 612, over the same period, would attract a 20% income tax.
By Tatira Zwinoira Apr. 27, 2024

Is Mr Strong ZiG the new sex drug?

It’s not what they say in public or the number of threats and even arrest of the so-called black-market dealers that is going to convince us to use the ZiG or make it our currency of choice.
By Muckracker Apr. 19, 2024

Lenders, investors face huge losses

The report indicated that the emergence of a parallel market remains a possibility, particularly among the unbanked population.
By Mthandazo Nyoni Apr. 19, 2024

‘New currency averted systems crash’

It replaced  the Zimbabwe dollar (ZWL), which had to be decommissioned after depreciating rapidly against the US dollar, complicating an already dire economic situation.