Lavrov says Russia will continue helping Malian military

Lavrov was speaking during a visit to the West African country where militants linked to al Qaeda and Islamic State have waged a decade-long insurgency .
By Reuters Feb. 7, 2023

SA continues to scramble its future

The ANC and the former Soviet Union have ties going back almost 100 years, and support came in the form of military training as well as weaponry and military aid. 
By Heena Joshi Jan. 27, 2023

Analysis: Southern Africa calls the tune as great power suitors queue up

The war in Ukraine has intensified long-standing great power competition for access to Africa's abundant natural resources and the diplomatic prize of its 54 U.N. votes.
By Reuters Jan. 26, 2023

Ukraine's interior minister among 15 dead in helicopter crash

"I'm confident because this is what I'm hearing here, talking with other leaders. There is momentum," Gabrielius Landsbergis told Reuters in an interview.
By Reuters Jan. 18, 2023