CZI gets US$2,5m Swedish boost

The support comes at a time when manufacturers are in desperate need of foreign currency as official channels continue to prove difficult in supplying adequate amounts.
By Julia Ndlela and Blessed Ndlovu Apr. 5, 2024

Industry reels under water, power crisis

The official foreign currency exchange rate as at November 30 stood at US$1:ZW$5 791,08
By Belinda Chiroodza and Tafadzwa Mhlanga Dec. 8, 2023

Industry ministry’s vote not good enough: CZI

Matsheza said a permissive tax was supposed to be introduced to promote compliance in the industry.
By Tafadzwa Mhlanga Dec. 7, 2023

Businesses urged to adopt AI

AI is defined as the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.
By Belinda Chiroodza Nov. 10, 2023

Govt, private sector must collaborate: CZI

Matsheza said input from the private sector into policy-making was critical because it would help businesses to deliver economic growth to achieve an upper-middle-income by 2030.
By Tafadzwa Mhlanga Nov. 1, 2023

Private equity firms head for CZI congress

Kuvarika said business was being affected by a liquidity squeeze, as the authorities try to control inflation.
By Tafadzwa Mhlanga Oct. 6, 2023

Why are factory shells turning into churches?

For many years, industrialists have warned about the ramifications of high costs of doing business in Zimbabwe, for instance.
By The Zimbabwe Independent Sep. 22, 2023

Tough regulatory costs drain industries

The CZI boss said the manufacturing sector was now lagging behind other sectors in terms of contribution to gross domestic product (GDP).
By Freeman Makopa Sep. 22, 2023

More power cuts loom as Hwange Unit 7 goes off grid

ZETDC said the unit, which produces 300MW, would be temporarily shut down.
By Tatira Zwinoira May. 12, 2023