Zim, Bots tighten noose on cattle rustlers

Foreign Affairs ministry secretary James Manzou said stopping cross-border livestock rustling between the two countries was an urgent matter.
By Varaidzo Mudewairi Dec. 14, 2022

Let’s distribute the national cake equally

The latest ministry to grieve over the obviously inadequate funding from government is the Foreign Affairs ministry
By Newsday Dec. 2, 2022

Our budget won’t last 6 months: Foreign Affairs

Warning that the budget would most likely be wiped out before mid-year because the ministry had to paid debts, Manzou said.
By Harriet Chikandiwa Dec. 1, 2022

Budget allocation insufficient: Foreign Affairs

Manzou said the ministry lobbied for $110 billion for the 2023 budget, but Treasury had only promised $56 billion.
By Harriet Chikandiwa Oct. 12, 2022