Pension funds numbers dip

Musevenzo said the introduction of the Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG) would preserve and stabilise the value of pensions.
By Harriet Chikandiwa Apr. 29, 2024

Can the judiciary be guided by flawed legislation?

The failure to include pensioners’ interests was despite the pensioners’ vehement protestations.
By Martin Tarusenga Jul. 28, 2023

Is PPC report-writing process corrupted?

The portfolio committee also added that the ZimPIRT will not have sight to the report when other parties that gave evidence to the Committee had sight of the report.
By Martin Tarusenga Jun. 16, 2023

Feature: Is Zisco parly petition being hijacked again?

Parliament of Zimbabwe charged the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Finance and Economic Development to look into the Petition submitted by Zisco Steel Pension Fund Pensioners.
By Martin Tarusenga Jun. 16, 2023

IPEC boss’ son acquitted

In acquitting him, magistrate Feresi Chakanyuka ruled that Jemwa’s  testimony was fraught with irregularities.
By Staff Reporter May. 15, 2023

Insurance sector moves towards dollarisation

The financial industry in Zimbabwe, according to central bank governor John Mangudya, has more US dollars than local currency.
By Mthandazo Nyoni Apr. 24, 2023

TelOne launches virtual insurance platform

Through the facility, TelOne will provide insurance companies with a platform to sell insurance products for commission.
By Kudzai Kuwaza Nov. 2, 2022

Failed pensioners regroup in litigation

The government has been bribed into betraying pensioners (both as a large proportion of the electorate and as consumers of pension service.
By Martin Tarusenga Oct. 7, 2022

ZCTU and ILO turn blind eye to pensioners’ plight

Many pensioners have gone destitute, many passing on leaving their long-time servings for the insurance companies to enjoy.
By Martin Tarusenga Oct. 7, 2022