Repression, violence loom over Aug 23 election

HRW interviewed 28 people in April and May, including activists, journalists, opposition members, and victims of human rights abuses.
By Newsday Aug. 10, 2023

Newsday cartoon 21 July, 2023 edition.

Newsday cartoon 21 July, 2023 edition.
By The Watcher Jul. 21, 2023

Ramaphosa complicit in brutalisation of Zimbos

Of course, he made the same impassioned cry to his United States (US) counterpart, Joe Biden, on another State visit in September last year.
By Tendai Ruben Mbofana Jan. 13, 2023

MUCKRAKER: Adios Queen Elizabeth II, kindly pass regards to Mugabe

Our President was in Kenya this week to witness a peaceful transfer of power, a field in which he is a leading international expert.
By Muckraker Sep. 16, 2022