Making carbon credits work for communities

It is a simple transaction requiring the interest first of the polluter, the availability of forest and the political will of the authority in charge of the forest area.
By Darlington Mafa Oct. 22, 2023

Reconstructive writing can preserve indigenous food systems

The process is anchored on dialogue with people who really understand their food systems context, including how food production zones are related to food baskets and markets.
By Charles Dhewa Jul. 12, 2023

Global South under the wrath of climate information onslaught

All hell breaks loose when the climate dosage and dissemination knows no bounds and sincerity to audience reception patterns and ethical considerations.
By Peter Makwanya Jul. 3, 2023

Climate crisis calls for leadership to speak up

The continent is bearing the brunt of the climate crisis, with effects ranging from expanding desertification, salinisation of croplands due to floods.
By Takudzwanashe Mundenga May. 30, 2023

Panic grips Zimbabweans in SA as deadline nears

The civil society groups said the looming permit expiration date makes it impossible  to comply with the Department of Home Affairs application process.
By Harriet Chikandiwa May. 28, 2023

The Zimbabwean nightmare and tragic optimism of Mutambara

The provocation and the challenge come from the troubling Zimbabwean economic and political condition that can only be accurately described in terms of things nightmarish and horrific. 
By William Jethro Mpofu May. 28, 2023

The curse of imported knowledge, investment models

Instead of relying on imported equipment, knowledge and innovations, indigenous knowledge should be given an important role in development.
By Charles Dhewa Mar. 8, 2023

Why loss and damage is such a sticking issue at COP27

Loss and damage, including fossil fuel burning have witnessed negotiating partners developing a cat and mouse relationship at the just ended COP27.
By Peter Makwanya Nov. 21, 2022

New perspectives: How Zimbabwe can effectively fight money laundering

It is the channelling of cash or other funds generated from illegal activities through legitimate financial institutions and businesses to conceal the original illicit source of such funds.

By The Independent Apr. 17, 2022