i-Help Foundation empowers marginalised

Through its non-profit arm i Help Foundation–the organisation recently blessed students from Zimbiru Primary School in Domboshava by donating textbooks and learning material.
By Fungayi Antony Sox Feb. 25, 2024

Beer drink turns bloody

Douglas Tafirenyika is now facing attempted murder charges.
By Trevor Mutsvairo Feb. 11, 2024

Nhodo unpacks sacred places

Slimaz said he was motivated by stories he heard while growing up of people disappearing in forests, mountains and caves.
By Sharon Zebra Feb. 9, 2024

Innovation will draw people to rural areas: Ncube

Rural BnB’s vision is to convince Africans to develop their rural homesteads into vibrant tourism hubs.
By Sharon Zebra Feb. 2, 2024

Man destroys family planning pills to fix wife

She said she had suffered since marrying Shumba, whom she accused of verbal and physical abuse.
By Rejoice Phiri Jan. 23, 2024

Golf Zone: Makumbi hosts Charity Golf Day

Father Superior at the Mission school, Anesu Manyere said the buildup to the Golf Day has started in earnest with several confirmations being made.
By Austin Karonga Nov. 24, 2023

Polygamist ordered to stop abusing wife

A woman from Matope village in Domboshava dragged her husband to court for domestic violence after she turned down his request to marry two more wives.
By Rejoice Phiri Jun. 18, 2023

Women’s rugby team tries to keep girls from life of sex work

Domboshava, a hub for transporting farm produce, has become a hotspot for sex work.
By Nyasha Chingono Jun. 4, 2023

Woman erects precast wall across village graveyard

Three men from Domboshava have dragged her to court over the matter.
By Rejoice Phiri Jun. 1, 2023