Climate change adaptation opportunity for capacitation

Such capacity gaps are evident at national, regional, and continental levels.
By Ronald Zvendiya Aug. 18, 2023

Digital Digest: Why newsrooms struggle with digital transformation

Ideas on digital transformation need to fit into editorial operations and other interventions should come as support pillars
By Silence Mugadzaweta Jul. 8, 2023

Interview: Pensions chief optimistic despite crumbling economy

Pension schemes are relevant and are the backbone of any economy.
By Melody Chikono May. 19, 2023

Govt commits to enhancing public financial management

LADS is a prototype software specifically developed for the country’s local government operations and offers home-grown solutions.
By Priviledge Gumbodete May. 9, 2023

Digital transformation: Zim Media needs to be contemplative

Today not even one media house in Zimbabwe is keen to share circulation figures, not because they do not know, but they are embarrassingly and depressingly choking.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Dec. 25, 2022