Zimura strengthens system for royalty collection

This comes as artistes have received the short end of the stick despite enjoying airplay on radios.
By Tendai Sauta Nov. 20, 2023

Getting the right people in the right seats: Four skill areas to consider

people who may not be equipped with the leadership qualities needed to manage people in difficult times during change.
By Dietmar Schantin Oct. 14, 2023

Digital digest: Data informed newsroom key for journalism to survive digital Darwinism

Editors in their planning and using data mined from digital platforms, they benefit from “wisdom of the crowed”.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Jul. 1, 2023

Why the RBZ adopted a digital currency

Its use as a currency and store of value is not new, as it has been in existence throughout history.
By Jacob Mutisi Apr. 28, 2023