Rethinking work for black, African women

The toxicity that permeates workplaces has become an insurmountable burden, a weight that threatens to suffocate my ever-vibrant and passionate spirit.
By Grace Chirenje 19h ago

ME!FEST Culture Expo returns this month

In a statement, festival founder Tendai Fulukia said hopes were high for growth this year, citing support from the country's culture fund as a contributory factor.
By Sharon Zebra Apr. 3, 2024

Drought claims 9 000 cattle

The El Niño weather phenomenon has resulted in erratic rainfall patterns across Zimbabwe leading to widespread crop failure and water shortages.
By Priviledge Gumbodete Apr. 3, 2024

SuperCulture: The home of latest music, lifestyle and trends

The show was produced by Slikour (hip-hop pioneer from Skwatta Kamp) together with the producers of Impilo yePiano (Goat) which airs on 1Magic.
By Life & Style Reporter Mar. 28, 2024

Iran’s New Year: A celebration of new beginnings

Nowruz, is a universal celebration of new beginnings: wishing prosperity and welcoming the future, and escaping from the past.
By Admin Mar. 20, 2024

Urban farming project launched

Hivos regional co-ordinator for the Urban Futures Project (Zimbabwe and Zambia), Runyararo Chibota, also encouraged the youth to embrace the project.
By Staff Reporter Mar. 20, 2024

Another crisis year for Zim

Winter water is being used to try and get something out of planted crops
By Eddie Cross Mar. 8, 2024

FAO concludes national food control system evaluation

Zimbabwe joins eight countries in the region which concluded food control system assessments. Earlier this month, Uganda successfully concluded a nine-month assessment in Kampala.
By Amh Voices Mar. 8, 2024

IYASA celebrates two decades of audience engagement

While the group has always been well-received by audiences, the generations of audiences have changed in how they engage with the art.
By Sharon Sibindi Mar. 3, 2024