Letter to my people: The regime is afraid of its own people

Dead BC, wants to charge a whooping US$92 for an annual television licence and the proposed law has been rightly  received with outrage by the country’s citizens.

My Dear People

It is not surprising that the mood of the country’s citizens on Workers Day was flat given the devastating impact of the shambolic policies of the Ngwena-led dispensation of poverty, darkness and confusion on their livelihoods.

Since Ngwena  was catapulted into power on the back of guns and tanks in that dark year of 2017, workers have had nothing to celebrate as  Scarfmore regime’s tenure has been characterised by high inflation, increased poverty, a failed currency, frequent power outages and increased repression, among other ills.

Nothing put this repression into perspective more than the ban by the Zimbabwe Republic Police on any marches by workers to commemorate the day.


Surely if workers are the cornerstone of prosperity, as pointed out by the scarfed one, why should they be barred from marching on the one day in the year that is set aside for them?

The fear by the Scarfmore regime of just a march by workers’ unions is indicative of a regime afraid of its own people because of its abysmal leadership failures.

For all the criticism  that Gushungo was subjected to, most of which were totally off the mark and grossly exaggerated,  he never exhibited these levels of paranoia as those of the probity deficient Scarfmore.

Raymond Majongwe of the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe  was spot on when he said it is impossible to celebrate Workers Day when most of the workers are working in conditions that are akin to slavery.

Ngwena this week implored Zimbabweans to accept the new currency named Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG).

It is telling that his regime has also employed threats and arrests to force acceptance of this new currency that is replacing the Zimbabwe dollar, which has been phased out due to atrocious governance deficit by the Lacoste regime. 

That the country is using a second local currency in just five years is reflective of the catastrophic leadership of Ngwena and Co. 

It is a damning indictment of the regime that it  is being forced to threaten and cajole its own people to accept a currency, which we are told is backed by gold and forex reserves.

You do not see South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa or Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema begging their citizens to use their own currency.

This is because of the stability brought about by the governance of these countries despite the challenges they face.

It is laughable that Scarfmore wants to convince Zimbos to use a currency, which cannot even be used to buy fuel or pay for passports despite it being allegedly backed by the country’s gold, some  of  which, the octogenarian shockingly revealed, is stashed away in a secret location. 

For goodness sake why should a national resource be hidden in a secret location?

The Scarfmore regime’s obsession with opaqueness is mind boggling and reeks of malfeasance. I can bet my last doll….., sorry, Ziggy that this currency will fail dismally under this regime, which could not even organize a piss up in a brewery without a crisis of some kind.

Dead BC, wants to charge a whooping US$92 for an annual television licence and the proposed law has been rightly  received with outrage by the country’s citizens.

The archaic programming and  propaganda garbage disguised as news, which is spewed on the national broadcaster  is not worth for anyone to part with a dime, never mind US$92.


Even a quarter Ziggy would be paying way too much for the dross that is drip-fed from Pockets Hill.

Why should one part with  their hard earned money to pay a broadcaster, which is nothing more than a mouthpiece of  Zanu PF and Scarfmore?

 It is ridiculous that the country’s citizens are being forced to pay for dreadful programming that would not be out of place in the 18th century and toxic views such as that of those two silly girls who claimed on national television that Lobengula sold out the country due to his love for sugar.

 The dreadful service of the national broadcaster is the reason a satellite dish is on the roof of almost every household to escape the  daily hogwash that emanates from the archaic studios.

 I do not envy those who will be tasked to collect payment from the country’s citizens for such shoddy service.

 The Citizens Coalition for Change faction led by Welshman Ncube and Co will soon be rotating its leadership with the professor stepping down for someone else.

Sadly, this will be a non-event given that its performance since Nero dumped the party has been negligible, to put it mildly.

They could rotate everyday but it will not make a blind bit of difference as the party is now rendered toothless since the youthful leader quit It must be remembered he got more than two million votes despite the farcical nature of last year’s polls.

  Difficult as it might be for Welshman and core to accept, they will have to join Nero in whatever political movement he will come up with if they are not to join the likes of Douglas Mwonzora and Egypt Dzinemunenzva on the political scrapheap.


Stop It!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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