Dedollarisation requires US$2,5bn: Govt

Mnangagwa said to be able to absorb that US dollar and create more ZiG, there had to be enough banking, or else the country would go back to inflationary pressures.
By Melody Chikono 8h ago

ZiG: So far so good

ZiG is backed by gold and cash reserves, with the central bank saying this week that it wants to bolster gold reserves to support the currency.
By Newsday Jul. 19, 2024

Into ZiG’s first 100 days

The Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG) was introduced in the 2024 Monetary Policy Statement in early April 2024, a few months after the appointment of a
By Rufaro Hozheri Jul. 19, 2024

Editor’s Memo: De-dollarisation: Policy consistency needed

Zimbabwe has battled currency instability over the years. One of the reasons for this is policy inconsistency.
By Faith Zaba Jul. 19, 2024

Authorities must stay the course on ZiG stability

The revisions consider the significant and urgent downside impacts of the El Nino-induced drought on the economy that authorities had initially underestimated.
By Zvikomborero Sibanda Jul. 12, 2024

Ceteris Paribus: ZiG a gamble in a volatile world

However, this gold linkage, with its possible upsides, has proved to be a rather double-edged sword, with potentially reduced control over fluctuations.
By Tinashe Duma Jul. 12, 2024

Economic crisis wipes US$600m off Nssa books

A Nssa executive said the write–downs prompted it to redirect investments to offshore projects, to earn foreign currency returns.
By Tatira Zwinoira Jul. 5, 2024

Ceteris Paribus: ZSE and VFEX bullish in June, can this be sustained?

The Central Bank’s tight money supply stance curtailed inflation and exchange rate movement during the month, particularly on the parallel market.
By Tinashe Duma Jul. 5, 2024

Dawn sees increased ZiG usage in real estate

He said Dawn supported the government’s effort to promote the use of the local currency in transactions.
By Belinda Chiroodza Jul. 4, 2024