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The destructive force of corruption

The scale of such corruption is staggering when you view it against our economy and the general quality of life that our people enjoy.
By Eddie Cross Sep. 7, 2022

The importance of parastatals

Our State-owned power utility is generating half of the power we consumed 20 years ago
By Eddie Cross Sep. 27, 2022

Critical moments in history

We rehabilitated the railway line, replaced the old wooden sleepers with steel ones.
By Eddie Cross Oct. 21, 2022

Implications of Zim’s exchange rate policy

An undervalued currency made labour cheaper than it might have been, it also inhibited the cost of basic supplies and services that had a domestic origin.
By Eddie Cross Oct. 28, 2022

Urgent need to rebuild Zim agric

We need to rebuild agriculture from the ground upwards. First, farmers have to have bankable security of tenure.
By Eddie Cross Nov. 8, 2022

Challenges of a new world order

Its nationalism remains a problem which is currently expressed in the war with Ukraine which can only end badly for Russia.
By Eddie Cross Nov. 22, 2022

Southern African power crisis stems from post-liberation history

Power demand is now growing faster than at any other time in our history.
By Eddie Cross Dec. 8, 2022

Meeting essential human needs

The digitalisation of the global economy has just made things worse, we live in a divided world where the “haves” get richer and the rest continuously slide into poverty.
By Eddie Cross Dec. 11, 2022

A subdued Christmas this year

If we gave away our cloaks to those who did not have. If we shared, there would be no hunger in the world. War would have no place in human history.
By Eddie Cross Dec. 22, 2022

Key issues facing Zim in 2023

Today, Zimbabwe is virtually the only African State that does not have a functioning national market for hard currency.
By Eddie Cross Jan. 20, 2023

Zim’s gold mining ecosystem needs thorough clean-up

When Zimbabwe became independent in 1980, we were a significant but small gold producer with several hundreds of mines located across the country.
By Eddie Cross Feb. 21, 2023

Authorities must wise up to new realities

Communication is now instantaneous and almost universal. Not long ago, governments could control what their populations read and watched or listened to on the radio, but not anymore.
By Eddie Cross Feb. 28, 2023

Understanding the collapse of Zim

The national infrastructure, built up over 100 years back was ageing and not getting the attention it needed.
By Eddie Cross Mar. 10, 2023

The gold story

I have no real gripe with the content except that it underestimated the size of the problem.
By Eddie Cross Mar. 31, 2023

Africa needs magic formula that works

The point he was making is that there is a whole lot more to building a better and more equal society than simply giving people the right to vote.
By Eddie Cross Apr. 6, 2023

Africa’s prosperity lies in ownership

The suburb became a hive of activity as people repaired their homes, painted walls and put in additions and improvements.
By Eddie Cross Apr. 18, 2023

Family crisis in the West

It’s more than a contract, it’s a binding lifelong covenant. It is in every way the foundation of a stable and progressive society.
By Eddie Cross May. 2, 2023

Cowboy country

The Zulu kingdoms and their impact on the smaller tribal groups in southern Africa.
By Eddie Cross May. 13, 2023

Can Afrikaners save South Africa?

The disparity in living standards between the haves and have-nots is shocking, despite the social grant system.
By Eddie Cross May. 24, 2023

Why the financial chaos?

He separated real US dollars from the fictitious dollars and called the latter “Real Time Gross Settlement dollars” or RTGS dollars.
By Eddie Cross Jun. 16, 2023

Are we making progress?

Poor economic policies and ruthless political activities led to dismal economic performance.
By Eddie Cross Jun. 28, 2023

The informal sector in Africa

I secured an agent in that country and despatched our first consignment. It did not move and I decided to visit that country to see for myself what was happening.
By Eddie Cross Jul. 14, 2023

Zim slowly getting back to its feet at 43

After 70 years of peaceful co-existence since 1896 the first black person was shot dead in a riot
By Eddie Cross Sep. 5, 2023

Zimdollar future hangs in the balance

At independence, this country had the strongest currency in the region.
By Eddie Cross Sep. 12, 2023

The continued chaos in Zim’s money markets

In all I think we have had 10 versions of a domestic currency since Independence.
By Eddie Cross Oct. 8, 2023

The presidential title deed programme

I saw this once in India where an agency I was associated with bought land and allocated 50 square metres of land to each family and a US$500 loan.
By Eddie Cross Oct. 31, 2023

Another crisis year for Zim

Winter water is being used to try and get something out of planted crops
By Eddie Cross Mar. 8, 2024

Why monetary policy is important

It takes away our control of monetary policy and seriously undermines our central bank financially.
By Eddie Cross May. 13, 2024