Letter from America: Hey! What is going on in the United Methodist Church?

Lia Thomas (left) accepts the winning trophy for the 500 freestyle

Please Mr. Editor, the events, and issues I will describe below  are too close to home. The drivers and social movers of these events are cutthroats. They take no prisoners and do not tolerate different opinions as I shall show below.

As we speak, June 4-7, we are at the annual state conference of the United Methodist Church of South Carolina where 113 churches have decided to “disaffiliate” from the organisation.

While the South Carolina Conference is the least affected, Texas suffered a loss of 439 churches in December 2022 alone. Overall, the US Methodists have lost one tenth of their former strength.

The loss is egregious in that it has affected the wealthiest and the whitest of our brethren in Christ, whose financial support was the backbone of the missionary efforts at home and abroad.

The issue at hand is that the Methodist Book of Discipline says that “the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching.”

A pro-gay group led by Bishop Melvin Tolbert adopted “ecclesiastical disobedience,” carrying on, abetting, and aiding homosexual behaviour under the guise of “inclusivity” and invitation to the marginalised in society to come to the table of brotherhood and fellowship.

They are accused of having ordained practicing homosexuals.

Vision of the anointed.

There is a group of American elites such as Barak Obama and Joe Biden on the Democratic side and the neo-conservatives on the Republican side, who believe that they must decide what is true, fair, and applicable, not only in the US, but in the world.

In 2012 Obama decided to make gay marriages legal in the US but also instructed the State Department to embed this policy as part of its foreign policy.

Without congressional support, a corrupt US Supreme Court ruled in their favour in 2017.

Prior, Obama had given instructions in a case involving a schoolboy in North Carolina who wanted to use a girl’s toilet. This was the beginning of the trans-gender programme.

In the Biden administration, trans-gender affirmation was added to US foreign policy, and vice president Kamala Harris carried a bag of money (US65 million) available to any African country favourable to that policy.

Uganda, Malawi, and Kenya became prime targets.

Biden further applied the trans-gender policy to sports.

A born male, six-foot two-inch  Lia Thomas, decided he was  a “Trans” girl while keeping his tail, and beat two girl Olympic swimmers Emma Weyant and Erica Sullivan in a 500-yard freestyle swim competition.

But Biden Democrats have carried the torch of genderism straight to hell. Colleges and universities have registered gay associations whose activities benefit from student funds.

The gospel of trans-genderism has filtered into the K-12 schools, to the effect that children are made aware of the possibility of gender transfer and gender affirmation.

The theory piggybacks on another American heresy, preached by the anointed, such as Barak Obama and his wife. Any kid in America can achieve whatever height he aspires to and can become whatever he wants to be.

Gender, according to these anointed visionaries, is human-made and socially buttressed by oppressive traditions. One can, therefore, free oneself from gender oppression by acquiring another status. The Biden administration is in general agreement with this philosophy.

Here is the mother of all heresies. When a five-year-old kid approaches a teacher and says that she wants to be a boy, the teacher must keep the information in confidence from the parents. In California, a 12-year-old child is deemed sufficiently “wise” to make his (her) own determination and to seek medical affirmation.

Medical attention may involve cutting off a boy’s tail, administering certain gender altering hormones, some of which are called puberty blockers, which may delay or prevent breast growth in a girl who wants to be a boy.

The Christian Broadcasting Network, May 13, 2022, shared information about the FBI investigating parents who made their objections known at school board meetings.

The FBI says it was merely trying to make sure the meetings were safe.

The churches, seeing these doctrines were proposed by the most beautiful angels from another world, Obama and his wife, Michelle, whose smiles are disarming and completely innocent, whose sophisticated use of  words would seduce a lexicographer, were themselves seduced by them.

I have walked and fellowshipped with bishops and the saints in high places. The higher one goes in the church, the more sympathy one finds for these false doctrines.

Accommodating such beliefs gives entrance into high society, and mouthing sophisticated words which signify nothing, allow our highly placed brothers to feel cool.

When facing false doctrines, every bishop wants to be remembered as the coolest cat among the saints, one who is sophisticated enough not to fear the devil.

To act out, cut up and raise one’s voice against such doctrines will earn one the nomenclature of racism or misogynist.

The arguments have been cleverly crafted to remind listeners of past discriminatory actions committed against people of color.

Those are the arguments.

This is the background to the schism now going on in the United Methodism Church. As a matter of fact, Presbyterians and Episcopalians went through these raptures 10 years ago.

The philosophies are all encompassing and wide reaching. For instance, they also adopt a  celebratory attitude towards single motherhood, divorce, and ignore the role of the welfare system in encouraging family splits. In addition, were a parent to come into cross hairs with government agencies about disciplining children, the parent is guaranteed to lose the fight. If he is lucky, he can lose the child to the welfare authorities, and if not so lucky, he can find himself in a jailhouse for disciplining a child.

Any form of punishment of a child is viewed negatively. Spanking is regarded as “assault”; sending a child to his room is a form of “imprisonment” and denying food or delaying food as punishment is called “starvation.” If the church accepts these doctrines, it becomes a human organization.

  • Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot. He writes from the US. He can be reached at mufukaken2gmail.com*

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