United Methodist Church golf tournament on cards

District superintendent Reverand Oscar Mukahanana

THE United Methodist Church, Harare East district is set to stage a tournament to fundraise for a vehicle as well as spread the gospel through sport at Chapman Golf Club this Friday.

It's the first time that the district is hosting a golf tournament as a way of fundraising and interaction with the outside world, especially corporates.

District superintendent Reverand Oscar Mukahanana believes the event can turn into an annual occurrence based on its success.

"It is our first time as a district using a golf tournament to fundraise and allow interaction with the outside world  and if it's successful we want to make it an annual event," he said.

"It's a fundraising event whereby as the United Methodist Church Harare East district we are fundraising towards a vehicle.

"We also take the issue of health care seriously and also issues to do with mental health as well as entrepreneurship

"We are inviting all corporates across the divide to come and participate .We are creating a platform whereby they advertise and market their businesses as they interact with each other in a free and outdoor environment," he added.

The organisers of the event are looking to attract as many as 50 teams of four players as well as 100 spectators.

District lay leader Dr Chigudu emphasised the unique dimension to win souls through golf.

"This is one of our key events within the United Methodist Church in Harare East district. It's important in that it will allow fellowship and interaction between the church and the outside world especially the business fraternity," he said.

"Besides that there is also room to bring new souls to Christ; those who may be inspired by the way the church conducts its business. Central to this is the plan to purchase a district vehicle. We are targeting to raise about US$60 000 for the vehicle that will be used to move around the whole district in Harare.

"We are looking to have at least 50 teams of players each while we expect another 100 spectators to come and be part of the event."


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