Letter to my people: Real dictators raising their hands

Chris Mutsvangwa

My Dear People

Do you remember when you all thought Cde Chris was a democrat?

Do you remember when Morgan and other opposition members all thronged the courts in support of a bunch of a war vets that had been arrested?

In all this, you criticised Baba and called him a dictator. If Baba was alive, he would be having the last laugh kkk.

Let me rewind a little.

In the past few days, Cde Chris has been raving and ranting about NGOs and threatening their closure at every given turn.

Chris accuses NGOs of all sorts of crimes and is singularly pushing for the enactment of the vile PVO Bill.

NGOs are critical in holding the government to account and anyone who pushes for their closure has the makings of a dictator.

Chris was never a democrat and he managed to pull the wool over the likes of Morgan, who stampeded to the courts and began fantastical alliances with that rogue group of war vets that Baba wanted to kick out.

I know some of the opposition members and the activists who supported Chris and his comrades are regretting now.

Baba was called a dictator, but to be fair, he allowed NGOs to exist.

Even when the NGO Bill was brought to his desk many moons ago, he declined to sign it into law and threw it out.

Now let’s see what your Launchmore will do, isn’t you marched for him.

Speaking of the PVO Bill, I wonder what RBZ and Cde Panonetsa are thinking.

Zimbabwe has been removed from the financing of terrorism grey list, meaning that trade with other countries has become far much easier.

This means remittances can flow into the country much easier, which is good news for RBZ.

Most of the money that Panonetsa records as remittances is actually money that is meant for NGOs.

So Panonetsa must be quacking in his boots at the thought of a law that might wipe away massive amounts in remittances.

In fact, there is a lot at stake for the RBZ, raising need for Panonetsa to speak out against the law.

But as we all know, Panonetsa is a fence post tortoise and can never speak out against the people who put him where he is.

It will be a tragedy of magnificent proportions if the PVO Bill is enacted and all right-minded Zimbabweans must speak out against that proposed law.

Launchmore was in New York for the annual United Nations General Assembly.

 If you want to see how intolerant that man is, look at what he referred to the CCC challenges that Zimbabwe face.

On the face of it, he meant Covid-19, climate change and conflict.

But in reality, this was a veiled attack on the opposition which is also called CCC.

The choice of words was deliberate and calculated. If this doesn’t chill you, nothing will.

Did he really need to abbreviate it in that manner?

The overwhelming answer is no, but he did it and it will not be surprising to see a renewed clampdown on the opposition.

Still on the UNGA, Launchmore spoke about Zimbabwe’s success in agriculture.

Oh dear! Zimbabwe is one of the food insecure countries in the world and there is no way that this can be measured as a success.

Furthermore, Zimbabwe has the second highest food inflation in the world and in what universe can this be recorded as a success in agriculture?

What Launchmore needs is to be sincere and stop gaslighting Zimbabweans and the world.

He ought to be sincere about challenges that Zimbabweans face.

The very challenges that see Zimbabweans preferring to be second rate citizens in South Africa rather than return home.

The continued incarceration of Godfrey Sithole and Job Sikhala is a travesty of justice.

One of the reasons why Job is jailed is because the courts argue that he has the propensity to commit other crimes while out on bail.

Job has never been convicted, yet they say he may commit other crimes. Someone please make this make sense to me.

Okay, maybe Job may commit other crimes, what is the justification of the continued jailing of Godfrey Sithole?

I am sorry to say, but never at any given time have I had less belief in our justice system.

You may accuse Baba of all manner of crimes, but he never captured the judiciary in such a brazen manner.

Job, Godfrey and the Nyatsime crew deserve justice and they must freed while waiting trial. 


Gushungo Chete Chete!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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