Letter to my people: There is trouble in the cockpit

So, a retired senior soldier died in the past few days and Launchmore duly announced that he would get a state-assisted funeral. 


My Dear People,

When is a hero not a hero?

So, a retired senior soldier died in the past few days and Launchmore duly announced that he would get a state-assisted funeral.

You would normally think that’s the end of the matter.

But no, the Generari wasn’t too pleased with what he thought was the belittling of his comrade.

The Generari visited the family and announced that the issue would be revisited and the retired senior soldier would eventually be declared a hero.

You see, a state-assisted funeral is actually below the status of provincial hero and the Generari was peeved.

Days later, Launchmore issued a statement now bestowing national hero’s status on the fallen soldier.

It begs the question now, who really is in charge of the country.

Launchmore’s word should have been final, but he was made to eat his words and declare the fallen soldier a national hero.

I wonder what made Launchmore initially order a state-assisted funeral.

I am minding my own business, but my hunch without evidence is that something is brewing and there is trouble in the cockpit.

It won’t be long before whatever is happening becomes public and we should prepare for an interesting showdown.

As you all know, Zanu PF is expected to hold an elective congress this year and the road to that meeting could be a little bumpy.

Already there is talk of someone being jettisoned and others being promoted. At the moment, these are all rumours, but if it does happen, the last quarter of the year could be very interesting.

Joji’s response to demands that his boss should appoint a second vice-president are a clear sign that something is up.

Joji fell short of dishing out expletives when he was sought for comment and literally insulted parliamentarians.

If all was well, then he would have been measured.

You see why I put Joji in his place a few years ago.

Is there anyone as abrasive as Cde Chris in politics? The guy is always ready to pick a fight even when there’s no need for one.

Cde Jacob made a sensible remark that it was now time to amend the constitution to allow for the diaspora vote.

Chris came out swinging and literally told Jacob where to get off.

Why is Chris this afraid of the diaspora vote?

Zimbabweans who live outside the country are Zimbabweans too and deserve the right to elect leaders in their homeland.

But this triggered Chris who immediately went off the rails and said all manner of things.

It’s always interesting to see the likes of Chris praising Launchmore and all the supposed good work that he is doing in Zimbabwe.

They spew all things patriotic and you would swear they would do anything for this country.

They supposedly hate the West so much and will take every opportunity they have to attack the West.

The only thing they will never tell us is that they actually send their children to western countries for better education while the rest of us have to contend with dilapidated education and health systems.

Recently Chris and Monica were in Canada where they attended a graduation ceremony for their son.

If Zimbabwe was the land of honey they so want us to believe it is, then their child would have been at the University of Zimbabwe or Midlands State University.

But they realise that they have messed up with the education system and to get the best for their relatives they have to send them as far away from Zimbabwe as possible.

Have you been to the shops recently? Shelves are increasingly becoming bare while prices are out of the reach for most people.

I know you love blaming Baba for everything but you must stop it.

Baba is long gone but the economy is bad. It shows that all along Baba wasn’t the bad guy you thought he was.

You blamed him for everything: but is your situation better than it was in 2017 when you marched against him?

I know some roads are better than they were when Baba was in charge, but do you eat roads, kkk?

Everything is more expensive and life has become so difficult.

It’s so bad that I’m actually thinking of relocating to go and live in the diaspora, kkkk. 


Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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