CC Banks takes aim at Gumbo

CC Banks, the defending champion then, placed second at the 2023 Harare Classic Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships last month.

DEPOSED Harare Classic Men’s Physique champion, Itai Blessing Sithole, also known as CC Banks, has fired verbal warning shots at Tinotenda Ryan Gumbo ahead of their much-awaited reunion at Saturday’s Zim Nationals at Avondale’s 7 Arts Theatre.

CC Banks, the defending champion then, placed second at the 2023 Harare Classic Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships last month.

The Country Club Harare muscleman lost to Pro Fitness Harare’s Jose Luquembo, while Weignrance Masendeke of Royal Fitness Harare finished in third place.

Pearson Charakupa of Muscle and Fitness Gweru landed fourth place, while Ronald Jiri of Pro Fitness Harare and Bruce Jones of Fitness Factory Lilongwe, Malawi, settled for fifth and sixth places, respectively.

“Harare Classic was a well-organised show, good prizes, everything went well. About me losing, I respect the person that I lost to because he is like my little brother, but I thought I was going to win because I thought I had brought everything on stage that is needed to win a contest like this, but they said I fell short,” Sithole told NewsDay Sport.

“I’m going to bring a much crispy and more conditioned physique, something you guys have never seen. I’m going to bring out a version of me no one has ever seen before and then I will see what the judges have to say this time around because I asked them where I was beaten; they said your waist is a bit big, OK it’s fine it’s a bit big.

“I’m going to shed it down, I will bring in more condition, I already have the size, I already have the parts for a man physique and after I do that, I want to see how things will go.”

CC Banks added that regardless of his second place at the Harare Classic, there remains no room for Gumbo to upstage him in the upcoming event on Saturday.

“As for Tino, he is not even in the equation, he’s irrelevant and I don’t even count him as a rival at Mr Zim. He’s just a guy who’s going to add numbers of people on stage and he’s just a guy who’s going to get buried,” he said.

“He will be lucky to get fifth place, that’s where I see him placed. There’s no competition and like I always say about Tino, he’s just a nobody and whether we are in Mars, or moon or under the ocean, Tino can never beat me. The fans should come and witness as I grab the Mr Zim title for the second time, and I can guarantee that.

“Best believe that CC Banks, the dream killer, is ready to take the gold medal. This time I’m in the best physique of my life in terms of conditioning, the quality muscle, balance, size, I mean everything is just on point. This time, we can’t go wrong. This is my time, this title is mine.

“I think Mr Zim is going to be bigger and I’m not competing with anyone, they are competing against me. To them, Mr Zim is going to be the biggest day of their lives, but for me it’s just a Saturday, so let’s see what happens, but mark my words, I’m taking this one home.”

Gumbo has set his sights on getting an International Federation of BodyBuilding Pro Card as he wants to turn professional.

He will be competing at the NPC African Pro Qualifier in Cape Town, South Africa, after the Zim Nationals next week and in Dubai two weeks later.

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